RS6000 Memory in a Deli Bag

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IBM 4452, 4 x 53P3226 512MB RS6000 memory DIMMs
non-working, honey-glazed

We work with scores of liquidators and leasing companies who contact us with excess hardware and asset recovery opportunities – 99.9% of whom turn out to be fantastic partners with great hardware. The other .01% send non-functional memory in deli meat bags.

Obviously we don’t resell anything that is non-functional and/or smells like ham, so when this happened to us, we were forced to send the shipment back to the liquidator. I don’t think we’ll be bidding on that guy’s hardware packages again.

I’ll be putting together a post on preferred packing methods for IT hardware so that I can point our clients towards it when they need help in this area.

Update (4/18/07): Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, also sometimes receives hardware in sandwich bags.

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