Cisco DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW MDS 2Gbps Fiber SFPs

The DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW is a 1/2-Gbps Fibre Channel-Shortwave, SFP, LC. Cisco 2-Gbps Fibre Channel SFP’s use a dual LC connector. See below for cabling specifications. Note the minimum cable distance is 2 meters (6.5 feet).

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Cisco MDS DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW Features:

Cabling Specifications:

    • Wavelength: 850 nanometers
    • Fiber Type: MMF
    • Core Size (microns)/Band Rate(Gigabaud)/Cable Distance:

50.0 Optical Multimode 2/1.0625/500m
50.0 Optical Multimode 2/2.125/300m

Optical Parameters:

  • Average Transmit Power (dBm): -2.5 Max/-10.0 Min
  • Average Receive Power (dBm): 0 Max/- Min
  • Fiber Loss Budget (dB): 2.1 and 2.52 (OM2)

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model.

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