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The Vibrant Story:

In 1998, two veterans of the IT resale industry started Vibrant with a mission to build a company that invested in customer relationships and company culture first and foremost. These principles allowed Vibrant to bloom into the lively global IT reseller it is today with nearly 20,000 clients in 60+ countries.

In January of 2017, Vibrant moved into a new 75,000 sq ft warehouse and professional refurbishment facility.

Central to Vibrant’s top market position is a warehouse teeming with millions in server, storage and networking inventory and a professional tech center and expert staff all under one roof. We’ve developed the top product and support staff in the industry, dedicated to expertise and building long-term relationships with each of our clients.

We pride ourselves on the speed, responsiveness and reliability that our clients have learned to depend on. Our aim is to empower clients by delivering quality trusted IT hardware – under budget, guaranteed and with support you can count on.

Whether you’re looking for custom used servers, networking equipment / used cisco hardware or refurbished data storage hardware,Vibrant is the solution.

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The Industry:

Remarketed IT is a multi-billion dollar industry with players of various levels of sophistication, few of which match our multi-platform full-service offering. We like to think our approach to quality and customer care wins over clients who were initially nervous about going outside their standard channels. They find that field-tested hardware, which is re-tested and vetted by Vibrant, typically outperforms equipment ordered brand new from the factory!

Companies’ gently used IT equipment is made to shine (and work) like new when it passes through our technical center, so other customers can take advantage of the lower cost of a refurbished product. Often times, the gear that reaches our warehouse is unopened and unused – so although it’s in original condition, you can save up to 90% off list price.

Whether you require the latest and greatest systems or EOL hardware – we’ve got you covered! We’re happy to help businesses of any size (with any size budget) find exactly what they need to maximize their budget.

Company Overview:

At Vibrant Technologies, we buy and sell used IT hardware – shipping servers, storage and networking equipment all around the world to nearly 20,000 customers in 60+ countries.

We like to be a part of our customers’ IT decisions from Adaptec to ZNYX. (Okay, more like Brocade to xSeries.) Either way, we’re passionate about helping our clients throughout the whole process. That way, you can configure the hardware that is right for you and find it all at one place… making somebody’s 9:00-5:00 just a little more hassle-free.

Aside from providing our customers with high-quality products at economical prices, we’re also interested in your trade-in and excess IT equipment. We’ll give you top-dollar and come to a mutually satisfying agreement to seal the deal. Cash or trade-in credit for you, supply for us and a system for a future user = win, win win.

We acquire about 35,000 pounds of IT equipment per month, with over 95% of it pegged for re-use. The remaining scrap (mostly racks and bad chassises) is ethically disposed of with our certified, responsible, landfill-free partners we’ve vetted to not send it on a junker to China. We can also offer to sanitize or destroy disk. Buying is crucial to our business and there’s no better partner for asset remarketing. We pay for your excess IT hardware – as either cash or trade-in credit.

Our Products:

Whether you’re looking for an entire configuration or just adding memory or feature cards to an existing system, Vibrant Technologies can provide you with fully-tested and configured refurbished hardware. If on the (very rare) occasion something doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll be happy to coordinate repairs or replacements, depending on your preference and individual circumstance. Working with Vibrant isn’t a gamble. It’s a worry-free guarantee.

You needed it yesterday? Call us. Same-day shipping is available in almost every situation.

All hardware shipped from Vibrant includes a warranty provided by us (terms vary depending on product line) and extended maintenance plans from Vibrant are available as well.

Please contact us with your specific requirement.

Our Clients:

Our customers are railroad companies, shoe retailers, datacenters, international magazine publishers, Fortune 500 companies, college professors, telecommunications corporations, high schools, police stations, two-person resellers, plastic surgeons, the US Army, libraries, banks, small businesses, big businesses, hospitals, dentists’ offices, zoos, universities, agricultural companies, airlines, big box retailers, cell phone providers, cities, US government offices and automobile makers. Our customers are in Brazil and in Boston, China and Chicago, in skyscrapers and in schools.

We know you’re busy. You don’t have time to waste on dealing with short-sighted salespeople without solid customer service, product support and guaranteed delivery dates. Whether your business is a two-man project on a tight budget, or a huge corporation looking to cut costs across the board – we’ll make it a priority to ensure we not only support you, but equip you. Our clients are loyal because we’re loyal. We’re committed to our relationship with you for the long haul. Just give us a call. One of our passionate customer service staff or salespeople would love to tell you themselves.