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IBM 00E9966
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283Gb SAS 15K SFF3 4K Disk IBM i seires

IBM 00P6131
Price: $79.00
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10/100/1000 Base-TX Dual-Port PCI-X Adapter (UTP)

IBM 03N5830
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IBM 04N2255
Price: $125.00
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IBM 04N2296
Price: $125.00
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Item #: 04N2296 -

PCI Ultra SCSI Magnetic Media Controller

IBM 04N2472
Price: $125.00
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Item #: 04N2472 -


IBM 04N2615
Price: $125.00
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Item #: 04N2615 -

9406 int card assm

IBM 04N2737
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IBM 04N4441
Price: $125.00
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IBM 04N4520
Price: $125.00
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Item #: 04N4520 -

Base 2-Line PCI WAN with Modem

IBM 04N5170
Price: $125.00
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Item #: 04N5170 -


IBM 04N6602
Price: $125.00
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Item #: 04N6602 -


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IBM System I General Overview IBM’s production of the IBM iSeries mid-range systems lies between mainframe computers and microcomputers. These systems are part of the ‘IBM i” family of OS. IBM I systems are entirely business oriented, and were designed for the users of IBM OS400, IBM’s proprietary OS.

History The AS/400 platform was introduced in 1988 and in 2000 it was renamed to ‘i series’ and then in 2006 it was again renamed as ‘System i’. In 2008 new System I offerings were commonly merged with ‘System p’ offerings and rebranded as IBM Power Systems. 

Features System I models share the following common features usually in all the models included in this series.        

Hardware: AS/400 and System I, based on CPU architecture of Internal Micro-Programmed Interface, shifted to RISC based CPU architecture.          

Programming languages: System i supports programming languages like C/C++, Java, PIBM, COBOL, Assembly, Smalltalk, BASIC, Perl, Python etc. Java is supported fully in these systems including JVM either 32 Bit or 62.         

Software: Supports library based OS in form of ‘IBM i’, it do also supports Lotus Domino, AIX, Windows 2000, Linux. AIX applications are provided with environment with which these applications can run natively here.        

Instruction set: System I boxes are strengthened with high level instruction sets - this feature has helped in the durability of iSeries hardware. Under the name ‘Technology Independent Machine Interface” (TIMI), it is a virtual instruction set independent of instruction set of the CPU of its underlying machine. Yes, this concept is quite the same as the VM architecture of some programming languages like .NET.  

Models Some significant models released according to year in the system i series include following models:          


B-series C-series D-series E-series F-series
B10 C04 D02 E02 F02
B20 C06 D04 E04 F04
B30 C10 D06 E06 F06
B35 C20 D10 E10 F10
B40 C25 D20 E20 F20
B45   D25 E25 F25
B50   D50 E50 F50
B60   D80 E80 F80
B70     E90 F90
    E95 F95
P-series S-series SB-series
P01 S10 SB1
P02 S20 SB2
P03 S30 SB3

1997-1999: 600, 620, 640, 650, 720, 730, 740 After 1999 there were no new models released until 2003.        

2003-2007: 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 870, 890 520,520, 550, 570, 595, 515, 525, 570 -         

2008: M15, M25, M50 JS12, JS22, JS23, JS43  


Business critical needs demand an efficient IT infrastructure. Companies want to meet standard levels of services being provided. IBM i OS running on these ‘IBM System I’ models offers scalable and secure platform for business efficiency.          

Provide dynamic, flexible and reliable architecture to add more value to the business services.  

‘IBM i’ integrates combination of capabilities like web services, security and database. IBM System I systems have built-in virtualization and work load management into the equation enabling the IT admin to run multiple applications on one system and this, bringing efficiency and a competitive advantage to the business that has invested on System  IT infrastructure. 


Vibrant helps you make this investment possible, by offering discounted used IBM System I hardware – both complete configurations and system upgrades at deep discounts off the IBM list pricing. Please Request a Quote today or contact us for pricing and availability.