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Vibrant Technologies thanks our thousands of global customers for their repeat business that we've built together since 1998.

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“Ryan Companies, a builder of multimillion-dollar premier projects for such companies as Target, John Deere, Ford Motor Co., and U.S. BancCorp, uses HP and Cisco systems in its operations. When its systems go down, the first stop is usually Vibrant Technologies. “Vibrant responds with a delivered replacement faster than I can even get a call back from the manufacturer,” says Mike Kohorst of Ryan. “Vibrant saves us time and money, and that makes me look good to my management. What more can I say?”” 


Erick Jensen, Systems Adminstrator at IVDesk and a Vibrant Technologies customer supports Vibrant for their dedication to service and expertise. Mr. Jensen states: “Ultimately, I believe that Vibrant is trying to keep me around as a long-term customer. They’re doing everything they can to make sure I’m happy. I know who I’m buying from and I know that they’re skilled and knowledgeable in what they do.”