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HP 013607-001
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DL580 Gen8 I/O Board

HP 292892-B21
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2.8GHZ/512KB/533MHZ FSB CPU KIT DL360 G3

HP 331003-B21
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HP 345103-B21
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HP 353831-B21
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3.2GHZ-2MB / 533FSB CPU KIT DL360G3

HP 361382-001
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HP 376469-001
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HP 378907-001
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DL385 PCI Riser Board

HP 393831-B21
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HP 394035-001
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Hot Plug Fan for Proliant DL380 G5

HP 399540-B21
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DL360G5 X5080 3.7GHZ DC PROC

HP Proliant Server Family Overview

The HP Proliant server line is simply both extensive and impressive. Proliant servers include a wide range of form factors to include tower, blade, rack, scale-out lines and the latest ProLiant MicroServer that is exclusively designed for small businesses with less than 10 clients. This plethora of choices may make the buying process a bit overwhelming. This is why it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the 5 categories of HP servers to find the best fit… or better yet, contact Vibrant Technologies to find the best server or upgrade for your application.

HP ProLiant ML Tower Servers

These tower servers are designed for branch and remote offices that run extensive networking shared internet access, file and print applications, and also require a fair bit of storage. The ML 100 series is a perfect fit for single tier architectures and other environments that run light applications. Contrariwise, if you’re supporting data centers and corporate branch office environments, the HP ML 300 series delivers excellent performance and increased sustainability. The HP ML Tower series includes the ML 110 G6, ML150 G6, ML350 G6, ML330, G6 ML370 and G6 ML 110 G7 ML310.

The ML 110 G7 is one of the latest additions to the HP ML series, and is aimed at IT administrators that have limited resources or businesses looking for their first server. Even though the G7 is regarded as a base model, it is powered with the latest technology such as Intel’s all new Xeon E3 processor, and tops the list of reasonably priced pedestal servers.

HP ProLiant DL Rack Mount Servers

The ProLiant DL lineup of servers works best for businesses that are in need of messaging, networking, virtualization, and email applications. Although the DL Servers are feature rich, one of the most notable aspects is their ability to pack a relatively high amount of computing power in a rather small footprint. Available in the number of variants, the DL 100 series of the lineup is best suited for HPC (High performance Computing Environments), small businesses and single tier architectures.

Moving up a notch in the HP ProLiant DL series, the DL 300 servers are designed for sophisticated small business environments and enterprise data centers, whereas the DL 500 is a great choice for businesses running mission critical and compute intensive applications. The top of the line DL 700 and DL 900 can be deployed for consolidation and large virtualization environments, decision support, data intensive and business processing workloads. The models in the ProLiant DL series include DL120 G6 , DL120 G7, DL160 G6 , DL165 G7, DL180 G6 , DL320 G6 , DL370 G6 , DL360 G7 , DL380 G7, DL385 G7, DL580 G7, DL585 G7 , DL785 G6 , DL980 G7 and DL170e G6 (Multi-node servers).

The ProLiant DL 385 G7 server is into its seventh generation, and is fitted with an Opteron 6100 processor, which has some distinct advantages over Intel’s Xeon processors in terms of virtualization duties. This 2U rack server can handle up to 12 core Opterons and delivers up to 256 GB of onsite memory. The G7 is probably the star of the DL series for a number of reasons starting with its expansion capabilities and storage capacities.

HP ProLiant BL Blade Servers

The ProLiant BL Blade servers are probably HP’s best offerings to the server market, and are suited for external storage and data centers. Some of the variants of the BL lineup as packed with an abundance of power so much so that they are able to play hard in the HPC market. They support a number of OS environments and compute cluster applications and are primarily deployed in datacenters that run virtualized, database and infrastructure demanding applications. The BL Blade servers are also targeted at datacenters that handle large consolidation projects, deploy a number of virtual machines and demanding workloads. The models in the HP ProLiant include the BL280c G6, BL2x220c G7, BL460c G7, BL465c G7, BL490c G7, BL620c G7, BL680c G7 and BL685c G7.

HP ProLiant SL Scalable System Servers

The ProLiant Scalable System SL servers are built exclusively to deliver high performance hosting, computing and web services. Until a few years ago, x86 servers were associated with low end servers, but with the evolvement of enhanced memory and multi-core chips, these servers are a great contender in the HPC market. The HP ProLiant Scalable Lineup is designed to meet the demands in this market, and fosters increased innovation to deliver top notch performance.

There are nine models that make up the HP SL series, with four of them recently introduced in the market. Relatively similar to the ProLiant DL 160, the SL 160 G6 server is probably the workhouse of the SL group, and features a SL6500 infrastructure. It power comes with two Intel Xeon processors, and up to 192 GB RAM. The top of the line SL390 G7 is set in a 4U form factor, and can accommodate an astounding eight GPU’s in one server. This version is built exclusively for HPC sectors and demanding GPU applications, and is powered by Intel’s finest – 2 Xeon 5600 processors that have room for eight SATA/SAS hard drives and up to 192 GB RAM.

HP ProLiant MicroServer

One of the newest employees in the HP Server workforce, the ProLiant MicroServer is aptly named and delivers stellar performance in a rather compact form factor. Whether it’s the road or office, the ProLiant MicroServer is designed to work hard and play harder, and is geared towards both small and home businesses, but some of its features may appeal to home network users as well. Although these servers are cost efficient, they deliver high levels of performance and sustainability in demanding home computing environments. The HP ProLiant MicroServer ships with an AMD Neon36 and a Microsoft Windows 2008 OS.

Of the multifarious form factors introduced in the server market, none of them come close to the HP ProLiant series, and whether your business is big or small, these are an astute investment.

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