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Equallogic 0A35772-EQL
Price: $90.00
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Item #: 0A35772-EQL -

Equallogic 1TB 7.2K 3.5" SATA with PS6000 tray

Hitachi 3282101-D
Price: $85.00
In Stock
Item #: 3282101-D -


Hitachi DF-F800-AVE2KX
Price: $85.00
In Stock
Item #: DF-F800-AVE2KX -


Hitachi 0A31619
Price: $45.00
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Item #: 0A31619 -

500GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi 0A33517
Price: $35.10
In Stock
Item #: 0A33517 -

CinemaStar 250gb SATA 7200rpm

Hitachi 0A35772
Price: $40.00
In Stock
Item #: 0A35772 -

1TB SATA 7200RPM Ultrastar Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi 13G0252
Price: $28.00
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Item #: 13G0252 -

80GB SATA 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drive

Hitachi 3276159-A
Price: $45.00
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Item #: 3276159-A -

AMS2x00 Enclosure Control Unit

Hitachi 3282085-A
Price: $75.00
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Item #: 3282085-A -

4 x 8 Gbps Fiber Channel Interface Board

Hitachi 44W3254
Price: $20.00
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Item #: 44W3254 -

Ultraslim Enhanced Sata DVD-Rom

Hitachi AKH450
Price: $29.00
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Item #: AKH450 -

AMS2X000 450GB 3.5inch 15K RPM SAS Hard Disk Drive HDD

Hitachi DF-F800-RKEH2
Price: $950.00
In Stock
Item #: DF-F800-RKEH2 -

AMS2500 DF-F800 Base Unit w/Dual Pwr Supply

Founded in 1989, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and Electronic Data Systems (EDS) acquired National Advanced Systems (NAS) from National Semiconductor.  After NAS was acquired, the company was renamed to Hitachi Data Systems.

In 2000, Hitachi Data Systems decided a re-organization was needed to focus on storage systems rather than mainframes.  Shortly after the re-organization was done, the first HDS storage product was released, the Freedom Storage Lightning 9900.

Freedom Lightning 9900 Systems - Manage, protect and optimize data resources with HDS 9900 series storage.  This system features the Hi-Star crossbar switched architecture to interconnect memory, disks, servers and other external devices instead of the traditional bus architecture

In 2001, HDS announced the release of the Thunder 9200, a mid-range modular storage system aimed at the small and medium business market, sold mainly through resellers.

Hitachi Lightning 9200 - High-Performance, SAN- and NAS-enabled architecture, multi-platform connectivity, extensive storage management. Mid-range modular storage system aimed at the small and medium business market, sold mainly through resellers.

Hitachi Data Systems high-end and mid-range modular storage systems were complemented by software for storage management, content management, business continuity, replication, data protection, and IT operations. In 2002 Hitachi acquired Comstock Systems Corp, and analysts estimated 35% market share.

Hitachi Data Systems has a culture influenced by three main values that are also the founding values of the parent company, Hitachi Ltd. The three values of HDS are Wa, meaning harmony, trust, and respect, Makoto, meaning integrity, sincerity, and honesty, and Kaitakusha-seishin, which means pioneering spirit and challenge.  In 2011, Hitachi Data Systems was recognized by Ethisphere Magazine as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.  Hitachi was also named one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list in 2012. Hitachi has received many awards and rankings for their company and their corporate social responsibility.

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