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News/Press on Vibrant Technologies

Vibrant is expanding rapidly and has become the leading Enterprise IT Remarketer in the industry. Vibrant is fortunate to be tapped as a source of information by the mainstream media and popular press.

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May 2017
Techworks Acquisition brings Networking Leadership
Press Release: Vibrant Technologies is excited to announce the acquisition of Techworks, LLC, one of the fastest growing networking dealers. Jon Maring, Techworks founder and experienced Cisco remarketer, will lead the Networking Division.

February 2017
Warehouse, Office expansion
Vibrant: Vibrant announces our move and expansion into a new custom-built 75,000 sq ft warehouse and refurbishment facility in Eden Prairie, MN. We now have the capacity to house approximately 3000 pallets and server cabinets as well as 500,000 parts for global distribution.

January 2017
Vibrant sponsors 2017 Autism 5K
Autism 5K: Vibrant Technologies will be supporting the Autism 5K in Minneapolis, MN for a 8th straight year, helping raise funds for autism research and local families affected.

July 2017
IBM Veteran opens Vibrant zSeries Division
David Beinstein joins Vibrant Technologies to build out our IBM zSeries Mainframe Server Division. David worked for IBM for nearly 30 years, working on their refurbishment and re-manufacturing teams.

June 2016
IBM pSeries Business Owner joins Vibrant
Former owner of 2Below IT and veteran IBM Power Systems product manager, Jamey Weinberg, has joined Vibrant Technologies as a pSeries Product Manager for the European region and in select US and global accounts.

March 2016:
Re-Use Represents 6% of MN's Overall Economy
The TPT-2 Almanac TV Series visits Vibrant Technologies to discuss the thriving re-use industry in Minnesota. Re-Use and Repair is providing economic opportunity for state workers and keeping equipment out of landfills.

February 2016:
Recycling's Rise Creates big Economic Effect in MN
Star Tribune Article: "Since 1998, Vibrant Technologies in Minnetonka saved many old computer servers from the scrap heap by refurbishing and reselling them to firms in 60 developing countries"..

December 2015
Jennifer Larson, Vibrant CEO, joins ASCDI Board
The ASCDI Board of Directors welcomes Vibrant's CEO, Jennifer Larson, to The Board. The ASCDI is the premier industry association for the IT Resale industry, providing trading and ethics rules and fights for the rights of ethical resellers in the re-use industry.

May 2014
Professional Erasure Lab Completed
In order to offer end-to-end secure erasure services to our suppliers and clients, Vibrant has built out a secure, locked and monitored erasure lab in house. Drives remain locked and monitored 24x7 until the erasure protocol of their choice is completed and certificates are issued on a serial # basis.

March 2014
Cisco UCS Division Created
Cisco UCS: Jim Litzau is hired to lead our Cisco UCS Server division and is backed by technical and product support teams.

May 2013
Vibrant Joins ReUSE Minnesota Vibrant Technologies has joined ReUSE Minnesota, a new local non-profit trade association which is focused on bringing visibility to the reuse, rental and repair sector. As an organizational member, we look forward to participating and promoting our shared values.

January 2012
Warehouse, Office expansion
Vibrant: Now totaling 50,000 square feet, Vibrant Technologies expands into the remainder of our building, adding a new lab, training center and space for our growing staff and our massive inventory of over 100,000 Servers and SKUs.

September 2009
Clearing out the Clutter
Processor: Donovan also says that in many cases, a remarketer will actually pay you for the right to recover your excess equipment Be sure to assess whether or not your equipment has resale value before paying to have it taken away.

August, 2009
Decide whether to Buy New or Used
InfoWorld: "Equipment is actually available within six months if not sooner [after its first use and] over half of our end-user business is accredited to Fortune 500 IT buyers"

March 2009
7 Overlooked Ways to Cut IT Costs
Infoworld / "Whether you call it used or previously owned, small and large companies alike are suddenly considering buying refurbished equipment rather than brand-new."

March 2009
16 Ways IT Can do with Less
Infoworld: Capital budgets are tighter than ever, so that total overhaul of your datacenter may have to wait. But you can still boost capacity on a budget by going with refurbished or used equipment.

December 2008
Tight Economy Renews Interest in Used IT
Channel Insider: ???It???s a good opportunity for buyers now. Prices are lower than they have been since the dot-com implosion with a lot of up-to-date equipment.???

October 2008
A Network Tune Up for Tough Times
Inc. Magazine: by buying used, companies can save 50-80 percent on quality parts.

June 2008
Used IT Equipment for Cheap
CNN Money: Increasing her stockpile of goods from $3.5 million to $4.5 million leaves Larson prepared for the crush of IT brokers and other firms looking for refurbished units to outfit their offices at a discount.

June 2008
VOIP Insider Interview
VOIP Insider: Interview with Vibrants CEO, Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson as part of VOIP Insiders blog series on Women in VOIP and IT. Interview conducted by Nicole Schuman.

April 2008
Finding a Reliable Used Equipment Dealer
Processor: Delivery charges are typically nominal compared with the savings and expertise you can find outside of your locality. Only a fraction of our clients are within state borders, yet were only a phone call or instant message away from our national and international clients.

February 2008
Mainframe sold on eBay
Computerworld: The resale industry surged during a recession in the early 1990s, and then again during the dot-com bust earlier this decade, Donovan noted. Now, he said, resellers again are looking forward to IT managers thinking about how they can stretch their IT dollars.

January 2008
YouTube for Business
Pioneer Press: For example, Vibrant, the Minnetonka tech company, also uses YouTube to show customers the hardware they can buy

November 2007
Prep Equipment for Exit
Processor Magazine: The last thing a data center manager wants is their old equipment headlining the nightly news for having turned up in a local lake or river because they chose the fast and cheap option, says Corey Donovan, vice president, Vibrant Technologies

October 2007
Clean up Your Act
Entrepreneur Magazine: As a whole, people are pretty uneducated on the magnitude of what these products do to people and the environment, says Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson, 35, founder and CEO of Vibrant Technologies, which resells refurbished equipment and donates unwanted equipment to charitable organizations. Recycling is Vibrants disposal method of last resort.

September 2007
Out of Adversity, an Opportunity
The New York Times: but Ms. VanDerHorst-larson, 35, had a resource for fighting back that many parents do not: She was an entreprenuer.

August 2007
Best Places to Work Twin Cities
Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal: Vibrant Technologies is named one of the Twin Cities Best Places to Work in the Small Business Category (100 employees and under).

August 2007
A Green Thumbs-Up for Vibrant Technologies . (the) company???s main refurbishing tasks center on extending the life of servers ??? either by making use of excess inventory or by taking systems out of service and finding new uses for them.

May 2007
Vibrant CEO, Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson, recognized as one of Twin Cities 40 Under Forty.
Biz Journal, Blog Post: The write-up was spot on in describing Jennifer???s entrepreneurial spirit and detailed how she has started and continues to run two tech companies as well as Holland Center for children with Autism.

March 2007
NetworkWorld community features Vibrant VP as one of Cisco markets Good Guys.
via Brad Reeses Blog: It is a sincere privilege to have Corey Donovan as both a contributor and a blogger to the Network World Cisco Subnet.

March 2007
Vibrant weblog post featured in Minneapolis Star Tribune.
article Erick (Hudson) Jensen, who recently compiled a fun, geeky article on the top 10 computer servers in the movies for the IT companys blog. Its a nifty list

February 2007
Case Study finds Vibrant Technologies focused on quality, growth and customer service.
via Tradeloop Attention to quality and customer relationships has made Vibrant Technologies a trusted partner for many IT wholesalers, retailers, and brokers.

October 2006
Vibrant Technologies Ranks 24th in Business Journal???s Fast 50 Private Companies.
Press Release: In the last two years, Vibrant has more than doubled its annual revenue ??? and tripled its workforce. Revenue and employee population arent as important as our customer relationships, says CEO

September 2006
Vibrant Technologies launches new IT Weblog.
Press Release: Vibrant Technologies, Inc., a leader in the remarketed IT hardware industry, today announced the launch of its new IT weblog, ???The Remarketer???

August 2006
Vibrant Technologies announces new website launch.
Press Release: Vibrant Technologies, Inc., a leader in the remarketed IT hardware industry, today announced the launch of its new website. The new site features

July 2006
Vibrant Technologies, Inc ranked as 8th largest woman-owned business in region
The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal released its annual Women in Business issue along with rankings for the top 25 Metro Area women-owned businesses by revenue.

January 2006
Whats New in the Used & Refurbished Market?
Processor Magazine
(excerpt) The creation of new services is designed to establish dealers as partners rather than just sellers. The distinction is crucial because it separates vendors from those who peddle their used equipment on auction sites such as eBay. As smaller companies in particular have been trying to get more equipment for the same amount of money, they turn to places like eBay, Larson says. On one hand its good if it works out, but if something goes wrong with those machines, a company is out of luck. We decided to distinguish ourselves with our service as much as through our equipment.

May 2005
Vision, Fast Footwork Propelled Tech Firm
The Star Tribune Newspaper
(excerpt) Considering the ensuing dot-com crash and the accompanying recession, you might share my surprise at learning that their Minnetonka company has grown in uninterrupted leaps at an average annual rate of 48 percent

May 2005
Everyday Heroes
The Processor Magazine
(excerpt) Vibrant responds with a delivered replacement faster than I can even get a call back from the manufacturer, says Mike Kohorst of Ryan. Vibrant saves us time and money, and that makes me look good to my management. What more can I say?

March 2005
Channel Innovator: Mass Storage
Business Solutions Magazine
(excerpt) This type of innovative solution is one of the reasons Vibrant's (storage) business grew by more than 600% in one year

Vibrant CEO, Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson

CEO Jennifer VanDerHorst-Larson is a dynamic, respected female entrepreneur in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area running a handful of successful Minnesota-based companies.