IBM Blade Servers are cost-effective hot-swap solutions when combined with the high-performance modular IBM BladeCenters. Vibrant buys and sells new and used IBM Blade Servers and BladeCenter Hardware at 30-80% discounts on current and EOL Models, upgrades and parts. 

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IBM 68Y8205
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IBM 00Y3309
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10Gb Flex System CN4054 Virtual Fabric Adapter

IBM 13N2203
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BC Fibre Channel EXP Card

IBM 2241-7989
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Cisco Nexus 4001I Switch

IBM 26R0836
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BC Fibre Channel EXP Card

IBM 32R1891
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GB Ethernet Switch 4 Port

IBM 32R1895
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GB Ethernet Switch Module

IBM 39Y7349
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Bladecenter H 2900W Power Supply

IBM 39Y7364
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2900 Watt Power Supply Only

IBM 39Y7402
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Bladecenter S 1450W C14 Switching Mode Power Supply

IBM 39Y7403
Price: $95.00
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Bladecenter S 1450W C14 Switching Mode Power Supply

IBM 39y7408
Price: $75.00
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For more information on new or used IBM Blade Servers or Server Blades, please contact IBM sales at or call 1.888.443.8606.  

IBM BladeSystem and IBM Blades background: 

IBM is an innovator when it comes to Blade server technology , providing its customers with reliability, security and efficient performance. Innovative blade servers from IBM ensure support at large and small sized organizations alike and provide standard services for unique demands of businesses in almost all industries. IBM’s blade server architecture is based on the ‘IBM BladeCenter’ blade chassis.

IBM BladeCenter History 

Work on these servers began in 1999 and the product line was introduced to the market in 2002, which was in fact somewhat late to the blade market. Out of the gate, they supported a wide range of x86 Intel processors and I/O options, which were different than the previously available blade servers in market. BladeCenter H, having switch capabilities for InfiniBand and 10 Gb Ethernet, was introduced by IBM at the start of 2006.


5 major versions of IBM BladeCenter (blade server architecture): 

-          IBM BladeCenter (E): 14 blade slots in 7U, upgraded power supplies, management modules, 2 slots for gigabit Ethernet switches
-          IBM BladeCenter T: This version was for telecommunication companies, 8blade slots in 8U remaining features are same as previous version.
-          IBM BladeCenter H: 14 blades in 9U, Backward compatible switches and blades, upgraded power suppliers and blowers..
-          IBM BladeCenter HT: telecommunication version of BladeCenter H, 12 Blades in 12U, remaining features are same as BladeCenter H.
-          IBM BladeCenter S: 6 blades in 7U, 4 hot-swappable blowers, 2 optional disk storage devices.  

x86 Intel processor based models:
-          HS12: hot-swappable drives, 6 DIMM slots
-          HS20: Intel Xeon processors, 4 DIMM slots, 2 Gb Ethernet ports
-          HS21: Intel Xeon DP processors, 4 DIMM slots
-          HS21:XM: High speed I/O, 8 DIMM slots, 2 Gb Ethernet ports
-          HS22: 2 Intel Xeon processors, 12 DDR3 DIMM slots, 2 Gb Ethernet ports
-          HS22v: this model has same features as in HS22 except 18 DDR3 DIMM slots -          HS23: up to 2 Intel Xeon processors, 16 DIMM slots, two hot-swappable HDDs -          HS23E: 1-2 Intel Xeon processors, two hot-swappable HDDs
-          HS40: 1-4 Intel Xeon processors, 8 DIMM slots, 4 Gb Ethernet ports,1 or 2 ATA drives
-          HC10: Intel core2 duo, 1 SATA 60GB Hard disk, 2 Gb Ethernet ports
-          HX5: 4 Intel Xeon processors, 16 DIMM slots, x86 AMD processor based models -          LS20: 1-2 AMD Opteron processors, 4 DIMM slots, 1 or 2 SCSI drives, 2 Gb Ethernet ports
-          LS21: 1-2 AMD Opteron processors, 8 DIMM slots, 2 Gb Ethernet ports
-          LS22: upgraded version of LS21, 1-2 AMD Opteron processors, 8 DIMM slots, 2Gb Ethernet ports
-          LS41: 1-4 AMD Opteron processors, 16 DIMM slots, 1 or 2 SAS drives, 4Gb Ethernet ports
-          LS42: upgraded model of LS41, 1-4 AMD Opteron processors, 16 DIMM slots

-          Intelligent system management
-          Efficient computing capabilities
-          Provides virtualization capability
-          Active energy manager manages energy supplies   

IBM provides its customers with flexible and resilient products which reduce the cost and increase the overall efficiency in the data center. Customers can choose according to their demand and workload. Best of all, the IBM blade servers can be consolidated on one easily manageable platform.

Original IBM BladeCenter description: 

The original IBM eServer BladeCenter offers a broad range of networking options integrated into the chassis to simplify infrastructure complexity and manageability while lowering the total cost of ownership.

IBM eServer BladeCenter Chassis Features
Specifications Description
Form Factor Rack/7U, high-availability midplane
Blade Bays N/A
Standard Media CD-ROM and diskette drive accessible from each blade server
Switch Modules 4 switch module bays
Power Supply Module Up to 4 (hot-swap and redundant 1800W with load balancing and failover capabilities)
Cooling Modules 2 hot-swap and redundant blowers standard
Systems Management Hardware 1 management module standard, add an optional second module for redundancy
I/O Ports Keyboard, video, mouse, Ethernet, USB

Used IBM Blade Servers for sale:

Vibrant has been trading in used IBM Servers since 1998 and has offered IBM BladeCenter models since they became available.  We current carry a huge inventory of current and legacy used IBM Blade Systems and individual blade modules at significant price savings off the IBM list pricing.   

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