The Bladecenter LS22 is a high-performance server with quad-core processors. Featuring large memory capacity and fast memory throughput for high performance computing applications, this energy-efficient server is a fantastic choice for customers desiring to make the most of floating-point and integer performance. This model supports the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMware and Sun Solaris.

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IBM BladeCenter LS22 Features
Specifications Description
Processor: Quad-core AMD Opteronâ„¢ models 2384, 2347 HE and 2356
Number of Processors: (std/max): 1/2
Cache (max): 1 MB L2 per processor core
Memory (max): Up to 64 GB1 DDR II VLP (up to 800 MHz)
Internal Storage: 293.6 GB internally; up to 734 GB with Storage and I/O Expansion blade installed; up to 62.8 GB using solid-state drives
I/O Ports (max):
Network: 2 integrated Gigabit Ethernet controllers
I/O Upgrade: 1 PCI-X expansion connector and 1 PCI-Express expansion connector

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