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Used Cisco Phones / IP Telephony

Internet (and data networking technology) merged with legacy traffic delivery to enable IP Telephony. This convergence continues to absorb voice and video as applications into the data network. 

IP Telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open, standard Internet Protocol. Users are provided with a way to outspread reliable voice communications facilities to all your employees in their workspace in placed such as on the main campus, offices branches, or mobile. 

Cisco IP telephony is an essential part of Cisco Unified Communications. IP Telephony merges video, voice, data, and mobile applications at a fixed mobile network.  The benefit of this system is that your employees can interact with each other using multiple mediums, simultaneously. 

Cisco IP telephony solutions help to enable you to:

  • Transfer to an integrated network
  • Install IP based applications
  • Implement a regular and standard architecture

Cisco IP telephony support encompasses the following components:

  • Hardware and software components
  • Call handling
  • Telephony or data applications
  • Network supervision
  • Support and service
Cisco Telephony History

In 1998, CISCO brought a revolution to the voice industry by introducing VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) services. It was believed that VIOP technology will have huge impact on business industry, particularly in IT sector.

First VOIP phones unified by CISCO were the SP30 and SP12 phones and now more than 30 Million IP Phones have been installed New ways of access other than phones have progressed as well, and now users can switch seamlessly between their desk and mobile phone and can easily connect using handheld devices.

Common Cisco IP phones models: CISCO provides a wide range of IP phones 
Model Characteristics
Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G Better Sound, Simpler Management
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G Clearer Communications
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G New Displays Enhance User Experience
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G Increase Audio Fidelity
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G Enhanced Functionality that's Easy to Deploy
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G Enhanced Telephone Services
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G Enhanced Sound Quality
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G Advanced Communications for Your Business
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G Advanced Commercial and Retail Communications
Used Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones
Model Description
7936 Cisco 7936 IP Conference Station  .
7985G Cisco 7985G IP Phone
7971G-GE Cisco 7971G-GE IP Phone
7970G Cisco 7970G IP Phone
7961G Cisco 7961G IP Phone
7961G-GE Cisco 7961G-GE IP Phone
7960G Cisco 7960G IP Phone
7941G Cisco 7941G IP Phone
7941G-GE Cisco 7941G-GE IP Phone
7940G Cisco 7940G IP Phone
7931G Cisco 7931G IP Phone
7911G Cisco 7911G IP Phone
7906G Cisco 7906G IP Phone
7914 Cisco 7914 Expansion Module
Power Injector  . Cisco IP Phone Power Injector
7921G Cisco 7921G IP Phone
7920 Cisco 7920 IP Phone
7920 MC Cisco 7920 Multi-Charger
EOL Cisco Phones
Model Description
7935 Cisco 7935 IP Conference Stations   .
7910G  . Cisco 7910G IP Phones
7912G Cisco 7912G IP Phones
7905G Cisco 7905G IP Phones
7902G Cisco 7902G IP Phones

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Cisco Telephony Advantages IP Phones make it easier to:

  • Provide very secure, consistent, scalable communications that take benefit of your LAN and WAN for communication.
  • Increase employee flexibility and efficiency with the full variety of Cisco Unified Communications and third-party applications
  • Support for information services, including Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities to cover IP phone systems
  • Save time and money by dealing with only one IP network for data and voice both.

Cisco phones make your member’s/employee’s jobs easier while integrating the company’s voice and data systems and making it more easier to expand your current business, employees or locations. Cisco IP phone systems help to save money on long distance charges, permit call shifting to anyone at any location, and distant workers are dialed in using a protected Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection all on the same network. 

Easy to use yet packed full of features, Cisco VoIP phones are integral part of the increasing trend to join all means of business communication into one network. Reasonable, dependable and elegant Cisco phones will provide your home office or your business the communication abilities to add more new coalitions 

Advantages of Used Cisco Phones and IP Telephony:

  • Savings of up to 90% off of Cisco's original list pricing.
  • Immediate availability of phones, parts, features and telephony systems - whether current or EOL legacy models.
  • Enablement of hardware maintenance beyond your end of service date with secondary market maintenance kits.
  • Quality, tested original Cisco telephony equipment at pricing that allows you to maximize your budget.


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