Vibrant buys and sells used Cisco Wireless models and carries a large inventory of Cisco access points, client devices, wireless lan controllers and used Cisco Aironet hardware. 

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Vibrant offers enterprise-grade used Cisco wifi network hardware for corporations and organizations at significant price savings off the Cisco list pricing. Contact us today for pricing or more information.

About used Cisco Wireless hardware solutions:

Cisco Wireless, as its name suggests are devices providing means of communication and connectivity via wireless networks. Wireless technology allows organizations and IT to avoid the cost and encumberment of wires and cables. Users have the ability to stay connected with one another anytime anywhere.

CISCO products provide the infrastructure required to deploy, upgrade and implement wireless networks in your business.


Cisco offers a large number and versatile wireless products, which Vibrant offers used.

Access points: many different models


Wireless LAN controllers: 8 common types of LAN controllers

Wireless LAN management: 6 system models or LAN management

Wireless Integrated Switches and Routers: many different types

Outdoor wireless: Aironet series

Mobile wireless: products included in mobile wireless

Wireless IP telephony

Wireless security servers

Broadband Wireless access: 4 different types of systems

CISCO mobility Express

Mobile Internet: includes network functions, intelligent management, In-line services and platforms.

Mobility services

Some popular products among the customers include:

Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) is lifecycle management platform for CISCO. Offers benefits such as:

– Cost reduction

– Easy to use

– Robust platform

– LANs of any size can be supported

– Ownership costs reduced and network is available everytime.

CISCO Wireless LAN solution engine (WLSE)

– Optimized secure network

– Maximum Network availability

– Reduced cost

For medium sized business enterprises and small scale environments CISCO provides

Wireless LAN Solution Engine Express (WLSE Express)

– Enhanced security

– Designed according to the budget and size of smaller organizations


Cisco wireless products have changed the dynamics of working environment provide a large number of benefits:

– Mobility, stay in touch while on the move.

– No need of wiring so, very easy to use.

– Enhanced security.

– Works equally well for domestic users as it does for commercial purposes.

– High standard performance.

– Deployment expenses are reduced.

– Simplify daily operation and management.

– Performance faults are monitored.

– Flexibility.

– Cost upon maintaining the solution is very low.

– Increases effectiveness by the help of native GUI.

– Increase employee productivity

– Compliance data secrecy

Cisco wireless products are being used from home to enormous business enterprises. As it takes much less space and easy to use on the same time.

In this modern era use of wireless products has become very common, erudition increases by the alignment of both network hardware and software, bandwidth increased and greater capacity to send and get greater amounts of data is accomplished.

If you are about start your own business enterprise no matter what its size is, or you need any type of wireless products for your home CISCO wireless products would be your best choice. Providing their users with immense range of wireless products and services.


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