Delivery Services by Vibrant Technologies

When you buy servers and storage from Vibrant…

Configuration and Installation

Vibrant offers complete server, blade, storage and networking configuration, performed on and off-site by our highly-qualified engineers. These services include basic "rack and stack" hardware assembly as well as complex custom configurations. Vibrant supports customer installations in numerous ways: pre-shipping configuration such as server memory and CPU upgrades, remote management access, and operating system and virtualization software installation, including AIX, Linux, Windows and VMware. Vibrant is a reseller of Windows, Veeam Software and VMware.


Vibrant maintenance provides Vibrant's clients services and storage equipment with flexible, budget-friendly solutions to keeping your equipment running 24/7. Our expert product representatives and technicians can provide equipment, parts, repair and technical assistance on a moment's notice for a wide range of server, storage and networking installations, including IBM, UCS, Cisco, Dell, HP, Sun and more.


Vibrant's Repair Department offers repair services on leading IT hardware platforms. Our trained technicians repair servers, storage devices, and networking equipment. Our repair services include in-house repair of a wide range of server, storage and networking gear.

  • We repair servers from leading original equipment manufacturers such as IBM pSeries, IBM iSeries, IBM xSeries, IBM zSeries, UCS, Dell PowerEdge, Sun, HP ProLiant, HP 9000, and others.
  • You can also come to Vibrant with your repair needs on IBM, Dell, EMC, NetApp, HP and Cisco storage equipment.


Vibrant also offers education, virtual and on-site training programs for third party maintenance companies and self-managed data center managers and technicians who are charged with the supervision, routine maintenance and optimization of server, storage and networking equipment. Vibrant's broad product knowledge and technical expertise not only can help clients discover great value in refurbished equipment, it can also help IT professionals get the most out of their equipment purchases.