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HP AD127-2100D
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48 Slot DIMM Memory Carrier RX6600

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48 Slot DIMM Memory Expansion Carrier for Integrity RX6600

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Item #: AD299A -

4Gb Single Port PCI-E Fiber Channel HBA

HP 0950-4611
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Item #: 0950-4611 -

Artesyn 7000606-Y000 Hot Plug Server Power Supply 1776W

HP 0950-4637
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Item #: 0950-4637 -

Power Module 48VDC - PCIX N+1

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Item #: AB463A -

HP Integrity RX3600 server 1x Itanium Dual Core 1.67GHZ 9140M CPU 16gb (8x 2GB) 3x 146GB 15K SAS HDD

HP HP9000
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Item #: HP9000 -

Hp9000 Server Models, Configure to Order

HP Integrity Server Background: 

The Integrity server line from HP has been shipping since 2003. Its architecture is based on the HP Itanium processor and HP-UX Operating system. Windows server, OpenVMS and Red Hat enterprise Linux have been supported on Integrity servers by HP along with their proprietary OS.

As aforementioned, HP has been engineering Integrity server for past 10 years. Initially, these servers consisted of two chipsets namely, zx1 and sx1000. Zx1 contained support for 8 PCI-X buses and 4 CPUS. This chipset contains support for 192 GB of rams in theoretical terms and around 128GB practically. Sx1000 contains support for 192PCI-X buses along with 64 CPUS. zx2 and sx2000 are the successors of the first two chipsets.

On the basis of computing power and hardware installed, Integrity servers are divided into following types:
-          Entry-level servers
-          Mid-range servers
-          High-end servers

Entry-level servers:
rx1600 series (zx1 Chipset type server) This series include rx1620 and rx1600 integrity servers.
-  rx2600 series Rx2600 series includes three integrity servers. These are rx2660, rx2620 and rx2600. rx2600 and rx2620 is based on famous zx1 chipset while rx2660 is based on zx2.
-  rx2800 series Only one model is included in this series of HP integrity servers i.e. 2U rx2800. This server is based on Titanium 9300 series chipset.
-  rx3600 series This integrity server series also contains one server i.e 4U rx3600 which is based on zx2 chipset. This server supports 24GB DIMM and up to
-  rx4600 series There are two models in this series, 4U rx4640 and 7U rx4610.
-  rx5670 This series also contain only 7U rx5670 which supports 48DIMM slots. This server is based on zx1 chipset.
rx6600 This series contains 7U rx6600 server which contains support up to 48DIMM slots and 8GB data.

Mid-range HP Integrity servers Servers included in this mid-range level are as follows: -  rx7600 series There are two servers in this series 10U rx7620 and 10U rx7640 that are based on sx1000 and sx2000 chipsets respectively.
-  rx8600 series This series include two server 17U rx8620 and 17U rx8640 which uses sx1000 and sx200 chipsets respectively.

High end HP Integrity servers
HP Superdome
is included in this level. It was announced in 2000, examples of HP Superdome are SD-16, SD-32 and SD-64. This server has evolved till then and now it has the form of HP Superdome 2 which was released in 2010. Latter is very much improved form of Superdome and it has much more high performance computing and provides fault tolerance and scalability as well necessary for objective precarious jobs.

HP Integrity NonStop Systems HP also provides customers with Integrity NonStop systems, which as obvious from the name are suited for 24/7 whole year availability. They can provide better performance than mainframes. These systems are used in mobile operators, financial institutions where availability is more important. HP integrity servers are much more efficient to use if the requirement are continuous business, utmost importance of workload. These integrity systems have no match in the likes of resiliency, availability and security, outside of the HP Power7 Servers, which Vibrant also sells used.

Used HP Integrity Servers for Sale:

Vibrant buys and sells new and used HP Integrity servers.  All hardware is fully tested and guaranteed by Vibrant warranty.  We offer significant price savings off the HP list pricing on Quality, trusted HP Integrity server products. 

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