Vibrant carries an extensive inventory of used HP 9000 Servers and hardware features. HP has discontinued this product line and replaced it with the HP Integrity Server line, but Vibrant will continue to stock quality refurbished HP9000 systems and upgrades for years to come. 

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Artesyn 7000606-Y000 Hot Plug Server Power Supply 1776W

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Power Module 48VDC - PCIX N+1

HP 9000 Servers Background

HP 9000 servers are the original HP Unix servers and includes workstations and server models as well, produced by HP (Hewlett-Packard Company). Almost all the systems of HP 9000 use a Unix flavor called HP-UX as native operating system.  These servers can support enterprise applications like managing enterprise resource planning, web hosting and also help in huge data set processing. 

The HP/9000 line was introduced and released in 1984 as HP's original flagship Unix products. This brand also included some previously released workstation models introduced in early 1980’s.  at the start HP released 200 and 500 series in HP 9000 line, and from 1990 onwards nomenclature of these series was replaced with alphabets i.e. new series names were alphabetical.  The HP/9000 line was retired and became the HP Integrity server line, which Vibrant also trades in on the secondary market. 

Advantages of the HP 9000 family of servers
HP 9000 has following main advantages to provide its users with:
-          Available and highly flexible systems
-          Investment protection by providing the standard services
-          If an enterprise need low cost server consolidation HP 9000 suits best
-          High performance in networking, server connectivity and mass storage Models HP 9000 comes in 3 types of models, according to their computing power.
-          Entry level
-          Mid-range
-          High-end 

Entry level HP9000 Servers A Class 

This class provides models with:

  • 72 GB disk space (internal)
  • 6.8 TB disk space (external)
  • 2U framework
  • Out-of-box UNIX server

A400 and A500 servers are included in this class and help enterprises in providing internet edge solutions and are better suited for internet business 24 hours a day whole week. R Class This class provides models with:

  • 36 GB disk space (internal)
  • 13 TB disk space (external)
  • 4U framework
  • Efficient data processing

Best suited for ISP’s and enterprise sized applications.   D Class This class has models with:

  • 90 GB disk space (internal)
  • 13 TB disk space (external)
  • 14U framework

Gives high performance in low cost, we can say they provide customers midrange processing power in cost of entry level. HP Rp24x0 This series has models which provide:

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 146 GB disk space (internal)
  • 6.5 TB disk space (external)
  • 2U framework

Models is this series are rp2430 and rp2470. Mid-range HP9000 Servers Servers with medium processing power as compared to other levels are included in here. K Class

  • 72 GB disk space (internal)
  • 35 TB disk space (external)
  • Easy handling of I/O applications

Best used for e-commerce, web hosting, data warehousing etc. L Class

  • 72 GB disk space (internal)
  • 35 TB disk space (external)
  • 7U framework

N Class

  • 72 GB disk space (internal)
  • 71 TB disk space (external)
  • 10U framework

-          Rp54x0 This model is provided with:

  • 292 GB disk space (internal)
  • 35 TB disk space (external)
  • 7U framework


This class has servers with most processing power, in HP 9000 sewries Models included are: 

rp4410 and rp440: Used for applications like enterprise resource planning and e-commerce. 

rp7420: Characteristics include flexibility and scalability. 

rp7440: Ensures high availability, flexibility, increased bandwidth and simple management.   

For more information on used and refurbished HP 9000 equipment, please contact HP/9000 hardware sales at or call 1.888.443.8606.