The HP 9000 R390 Server is an entry-level server that handles enterprise-size applications with ease. The R390 is the top of the line offering in the HP9000 R Series with a 1way (R390/1) or 2way (R390/2) PA-8200 Processor set.

It provides exceptional scalability and industry-leading reliability and are often used as an affordable enterprise resource planning server. Vibrant carries refurbished and used HP R390 servers and upgrades.

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HP9000 R390 Server Specifications
Specifications Description
Processor 240MHz PA-8200 1 or 2 CPUs
Memory 128MB Minimum RAM 3GB Maximum RAM 12 Slots (6 banks of 2)
Cache 4MB cache/processor
HP-UX 10.20 11.0 32 64 bit (HP-UX Special Edition : Unlimited user license)
I/O Slots 8 I/O Slots
Disk Drives 1 or 2 Disk Drives (4 or 9GB)
Media Drives 1 - Removable

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