The HP 9000 K570 Server model provides an HP UNIX-based platform that can be used for various applications from operations, data, ecommerce and processing to batch process and PDM. The HP K570 is now only available used as it has gone EOL. Vibrant is a reseller of used and refurbished HP K570 hardware and equipment upgrades.

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HP9000 K570 Server Specifications
Specifications Description
PA-RISC Processor 200MHz / PA8200
SMP Configurations Supports 1 to 6 CPUs
Memory 256MB / 8192GB Min / Max
Cache 2 / 2MB (Instr. / Data) per CPU
Disk Capacity 30TB
PB I / O Slots 4 Maximum I / O Slots
HSC I / O Slots 9 Maximum I / O Slots (HSC - high-speed system connect)
Internal Fast / Wide SCSI-2 4 Internal SCSI-2 Disk Bays
Graphics Supports 2D Color Graphics (optional)
Standard K-Class Features 802.3 LAN, F/W/D SCSI-2, Serial UPS control port, remote console modem, integrated port for external modem, single-ended SCSI-2 (for internal media), RS-232 MUX distribution port, keyboard, mouse, and parallel Centronics port

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