Vibrant Technologies carries used and refurbished HP9000 R380 systems and upgrades. The HP 9000 R380 Server provides exceptional performance density for ISPs and business enterprice applications. This single or dual CPU PA-RISC system manages enterprise-wide apps without difficulty.

The R380 provides reliability and scalability, and are excellent quality low-end ERP servers.

Custom configure the HP9000 R380 Server

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HP9000 R380 Server Specifications
      180MHz PA-8000


Configuration1 or 2 PA-RISC CPUs 32Bit or 64bit
Memory128MB Minimum 3GB Maximum RAM 12 Slots (6 banks of 2)
HP-UX10.20 11.0 32 64 bit
I/O Slots8 I/O Slots
Disk Drives1 Minimum, 2 Maximum (4 or 9GB)
Media Drives1 Removable Media Drive

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