Vibrant carries a wide array of used Dell Compellent disk storage, from their drives all the way to complete storage systems. Located minutes from Compellent headquarters, this equipment hit our radar years ago making Vibrant one of the leading resellers of used Compellent storage hardware. Dell Compellent storage solutions allow you to focus on what really matters in your business without worrying about the reliability of your storage.

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Compellent SC280
Price: $1,575.00
In Stock
Item #: SC280 -

Dell Dense Storage Enclosure

Compellent 9YZ268-080-CML
Price: $225.00
In Stock
Item #: 9YZ268-080-CML -

Compellent 2TB 7.2K 6Gbps SAS Hard Disk Drive

Compellent 00FK3C-CML
Price: $275.00
In Stock
Item #: 00FK3C-CML -

600Gb 10K SAS 6Gbps 2.5" (Legacy) Hard Drive

Compellent 068V42-CML
Price: $150.00
In Stock
Item #: 068V42-CML -

1.2TB 2.5" SAS 6G HDD with SC220 Tray

Compellent 0942749-02
Price: $215.00
In Stock
Item #: 0942749-02 -

450GB SAS 15k 3GBPS Hard Disk Drive HDD

Compellent 0942886-01
Price: $117.00
In Stock
Item #: 0942886-01 -

HB-1235 3GBPS Interface Controller

Compellent 0946248-01
Price: $250.00
In Stock
Item #: 0946248-01 -

Compellent 2TB SATA 7200rpm 3GBPS

Compellent 0952705-01
Price: $275.00
In Stock
Item #: 0952705-01 -

Compellent Constellation ES 2TB 7K 3.5" SAS Hard Disk Drive with Tray

Compellent 0956737-01
Price: $220.00
In Stock
Item #: 0956737-01 -

1TB 7.2K Hard Drive

Compellent 0A35153-CML
Price: $175.00
In Stock
Item #: 0A35153-CML -

1TB SATA 7.2K 3Gbps 3.5" Hard Disk Drive

Compellent 0B24935-CML
Price: $275.00
In Stock
Item #: 0B24935-CML -

200GB SSD6GBPS 12MM 2.5" Hard Disk Drive

Compellent 0B32210-CML
Price: $295.00
In Stock
Item #: 0B32210-CML -

480GB SAS 12Gbps 2.5" MLC Read Intensive SSD

Compellent’s storage area network (SAN) system combines many storage-management applications and tracks information about each block of data stored on the Compellent System. The data is then stored and managed in large amounts and assign them to high-performance or large-capacity drives. Deploy a single platform for block and file with built-in efficiency and intelligence to keep back-end storage costs under control. Scale easily with a flexible, next generation architecture that adapts to business growth and new technologies, and ensure business continuity through a highly available solution from Dell Compellent.

Vibrant Technologies buys and sells used Dell Compellent storage controllers, expansions and upgrades.

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