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Dell 0VD8MG
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LTO5 HH SAS v2 Internal Tape Drive

Dell 12X4240
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LTO5 HH SAS v2 Internal Tape Drive

Dell VD8MG
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LTO5 HH SAS v2 Internal Tape Drive

Dell ML6000
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Tape Library

Dell Tape Hardware Overview

Data is considered the most critical asset of any organization. In order to store and retrieve data several storage devices have been manufactured by vendors. This article presents on overview of Dell Tape Libraries and External Tape Drives that are used for backup data storage.

1- Dell tape libraries Dell tape libraries are used as a backup storage for large organizational data. Tape libraries can store more data as compared to hard drives and storage area networks but they are relatively slower. It is due to this reason they are not used as primary storage device and only used for backup data. Dell Tape Libraries basically consist of a set of Dell Tape Drives arranged in an enclosure that contain slots to hold tape drive cartridges.

Dell Tape Libraries like other tape libraries use a barcode to identify the cartridge and then an automated loader is used to access the cartridge. Dell has complete range of tape storage solutions and tape libraries in the form of standalone libraries for small organizations ranging to autoloaders for large organizations. Dell tape libraries are extremely scalable, robust and reliable. Following are some of the advantages of Dell Tape Libraries.

Advantages of Dell Tape Libraries

  • Wide variety of storage options ranging from direct attachable, rackable or large enterprise level tape storage solutions.
  • Some power vault tape storage solutions have data security via encryption which makes data invulnerable to external threats.
  • Dell tape libraries have built in support for all the major backup software applications.
  • A standalone automated tape library can scale up to of 120 + TB of data capacity.

2- Dell External Tape Drives External tape drives are often used to increase the storage capacity of a system. Internal storage often run short of space and in such scenarios, best option is to attach some external storage drives. Apart from additional storage external tape drive have few other benefits such as it is portable and data can be easily transformed from one place to another using external tape drives, furthermore, external tape drives can be used to backup data and those software applications that are not frequently used can also be stored in external tape drive. Dell is also manufacturing external tape drives. Dell’s external tape drives are considered, reliable, secure and robust with a variety of storage options ranging from small to large scale enterprises. Following are some of the latest Dell tape drives.

Dell Tape Drives:

  • Dell LTO1 100/200GB Tape Drive P7818 STU42001LW
  • Dell External Powervault 110T LTO2 200/400GB SCSI Tape Drive F8770
  • Dell LTO1 100/200GB Tape Drive for PV128T 2R713
  • Dell DLT VS80 40/80GB Tape Drive T1452
  • Dell LTO1 100/200GB Tape Drive H0042 STU42001LW
  • Dell LTO3 400/800GB 68Pin SCSI Tape Drive for TL2000/4000 JW280
  • Dell Powervault 160T LTO2 FC Tape Drive C2691
  • Dell LTO4 800/1600GB SAS Tape Drive for TL2000/4000 JM796 95P5819

If you are looking for some reliable and high quality backup storage solutions, Dell Tape Libraries and External Tape drives are the storage solutions you should consider.


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