Vibrant buys and sells new and used HP Blade Servers and BladeSystem enclosures. HP's Proliant blade servers support 2-4 Intel or AMD processors and various atorage and connectivity options. Up to 16 blades can be installed per enclosure and up to 6 hp bladesystem enclosures can be installed per rack. We provide the full line of systems and parts from the latest models to end of life hardware. 

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HP 416001-001
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LCD Pass Thru board

HP 416378-001
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HP 435459-B21
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Hp Bl460C X5355 2.66Ghz Qc 2Gb

HP 436380-001
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HP 436645-001
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HP 438031-B21
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1:10GB Ethernet Blade Managed Switch for C-Class Blades

HP 438249-001
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HP 438476-001
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1:10GB Ethernet Blade Managed Switch for C-Class Blades

HP 447707-B21
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ProLiant BL460C CTO Blade Chassis

HP 451871-B21
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BLC PCIE 8Gb FC Mezzanine HBA

HP 451872-001
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HP BLC PCIE 8Gb FC Mezzanine HBA

HP 453934-001
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HP Blade Server Review:

HP Blade servers are compact server modules which are designed and created so that use of physical space can be optimally used and energy can be minimized. A number of blade servers can be placed in a ‘Blade enclosure’, and this enclosure also provides many services like power, networking, cooling and management. HP Blade servers are given a more specific name as ‘Blade System’. They have more efficient design than the traditional stand-alone or individual rackmount servers.


– Blade servers are best used for website hosting, cluster computing, or any environment where dozens or hundreds of hot swap server blades are advantageous.

– Users may have huge amounts of computing workloads so these blade servers provide users with more processing power / IO bandwidth to work with.

HP Blade servers are in high demand because they provide immense computing power, have increased speed and take up a smaller footprint.

HP blade systems have higher concentrations of blade servers than any other blade server system and more power in turn. Configure a rack with up to 128 blade servers in the largest HP Blade models.

HP BladeSystem History

Blade server machines from HP were introduced in October, 2004. HP focused mainly onthe server density and minimizing power usage at the same time, this strategy helped HP in putting in large number of systems in market.

HP BladeSystems for sale:

HP has a wide range of Blade Systems available

– Blade system enclosure

– ProLiant server blades

– ProLiant Workstation blades

– Integrity Server Blades

HP Blade servers are typically divided into following categories:

– Half height units

– Full height Units

This division is based upon the number of slots used by the blade. 1 slot for half height and 2 slots for full height.

Half Height Blade servers:

BL 2x220c: These server machines are engineered for high density server environments. It takes half height slot space and consists of 2 servers. With 192 cores, computing servers can be increased up to 32.

BL280c: These servers are basic level servers and are not manufactured for dense environments. They don’t require 10 GB internet and hot plugin data drives. These servers are mostly used for medium level service providing tasks.

BL460c/465c: These servers are the most famous servers among the blade server series and have large memory. These machines contain 10GB network card and hot plug drives. Typical example of these servers are and AMD (BL465) and Intel BL460

BL490: These servers are somewhat similar to Intel BL460 with more concentration on virtualization. These types of servers are extremely suitable in virtual server environments.

Full height Blade servers:

BL680/685c: This server contains 4 physical processing units and is only full height server in the family of blade servers by occupying two half heights in the blade enclosure. It contains two hard plug drives along with 512GB or RAM.

HP is the leading provider of Blade systems, with over 50% of the present market share.

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