The full line of used IBM System i Power5 and IBM i5 Servers and Upgrades are offered new and used by reseller Vibrant Technologies. We maintain a vast inventory of IBM eServer I5 configurations, peripherals and parts for each model. 

The addition of an iSCSI connection on the iSeries Power5 models enabled further integration with IBM xSeries, BladeCenter servers and a wider range of IBM System Storage solutions. 

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Item #: ESDF -

600Gb 15K RPM SAS 2.5" SFF-3 59E4 iSeries SSD

IBM 2838-702X
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Item #: 2838-702X -

GXT120P PCI 10/100Mbps Ethernet Graphics Adapter Card IOA Type 1-P

IBM 80P5017
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Item #: 80P5017 -

System Backplane 1.5GHZ 1-Way Power5 CCIN 522A

IBM 9117-MMD-24-18-4.2-256-APV
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Item #: 9117-MMD-24-18-4.2-256-APV -

6X V7R1 O/S 24/18 Core 4.2GHz 256GB APV iSeries

IBM 9406-520 0900/7450
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Item #: 9406-520 0900/7450 -

0900/7450 i5 520 EServer

IBM 9406-520-0900/7450
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Item #: 9406-520-0900/7450 -

0900/7450 with V7R1

IBM 9406-520 0901/7394
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Item #: 9406-520 0901/7394 -

0901/7394 WITH V5R4

IBM 9406-520 0975/7350
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Item #: 9406-520 0975/7350 -

9406 model 520 0975/7350 with V5R4 proc

IBM 9406-520-0904/7455
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Item #: 9406-520-0904/7455 -

0904/7455 with V7R1 (8954 Proc)

IBM 9406-525
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Item #: 9406-525 -


IBM 9406-525-0909-7790
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Item #: 9406-525-0909-7790 -

0909-7790 with V7R1/30 users

IBM 9406-550
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Item #: 9406-550 -

0910/7155 1x V7R1

Note: When Power5 processors were introduced, this product line was briefly branded as the eServer iSeries line and the OS was dubbed the i5/OS, but was quickly returned to IBM i and OS400 terminology.

The OS400 V4R4 introduced IBM LPARs to the OS line and made this version wildly popular, particulary on the iSeries Power5+ products.


For more information on refurbished or used IBM System i5 or iSeries equipment, please contact IBM sales at or call 1.888.443.8606.