Vibrant is the leading source for refurbished and used IBM System P, p Series and RS6000 Servers. We specialize in IBM Original Systems and upgrades and all equipment is quality tested and guaranteed eligible for IBM Maintenance.

We buy and sell new and used IBM p Series Servers from current Power 7 and Power 6 models to legacy IBM pSeries and RS/6000 Servers.

Request a Quote for custom configurations/upgrades or choose a product line below to view available models. We will also buy back your excess System P hardware, so contact us with equipment lists.

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IBM 02AE930
Price: $499.00
In Stock
Item #: 02AE930 -

PCIe3 (x16) Optical Cable Adapter (v2) for Exp Drawer SW LP

IBM 02CL517
Price: $495.00
In Stock
Item #: 02CL517 -

2200W 227V AC Power Supply

IBM 02CL518
Price: $495.00
In Stock
Item #: 02CL518 -

2200W 227V AC Power Supply

IBM 02CL704
Price: $9,500.00
In Stock
Item #: 02CL704 -

System Backplane (Systems w/ 4 x GPU slotss)

IBM 02CL888
Price: $295.00
In Stock
Item #: 02CL888 -

UPIC cable to system control unit (Long) 1.0M

IBM 02CL950
Price: $4,995.00
In Stock
Item #: 02CL950 -

8-core Typical 3.6 to 3.8 GHZ (max) processor

IBM 02CM061
Price: $895.00
In Stock
Item #: 02CM061 -

Power Interface Card

IBM 00DE052
Price: $895.00
In Stock
Item #: 00DE052 -

Trusted Platform Module Card (TPM)

IBM 02DE340
Price: $379.00
In Stock
Item #: 02DE340 -

PCIe3 4-Port 12GB Cache Raid SAS Adapter (FH) CCIN 57B1

IBM 02EA570
Price: $495.00
In Stock
Item #: 02EA570 -

Front Fan 9040-MR9

IBM 02EA634
Price: $2,495.00
In Stock
Item #: 02EA634 -

VRM DDR4 Memory for MR9/50H

IBM 02EA865
Price: $1,395.00
In Stock
Item #: 02EA865 -

Memory Riser Card - 9040-MR9

  • IBM Power 7 / P7
  • IBM Power 6 / P6
  • IBM Power 5 / P5
  • IBM System i5

Whether you’re looking to buy a complete IBM System P Server or just parts like, memory, disk, CPUs, power supplies or tape drives, Vibrant can assist you. We will also buy back your excess or trade-in systems and features. Contact us today with your new or used IBM System P Hardware request