IBM Servers are the dominant brand in the marketplace, offering strong brands for Unix servers, Windows/Linux Servers and blades. IBM server equipment is built to last, making the purchase of a remarketed system a smart economic decision at great discounts off IBM list pricing.

Vibrant buys and sells new and used IBM Servers. Browse our available server lines below or Request a Quote for pricing today.

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IBM 9117-570-DRAWER
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Item #: 9117-570-DRAWER -

9117-570 Add'L Drawer

IBM 9117-570/6-Way1.9GHz
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Item #: 9117-570/6-Way1.9GHz -

P570 6-Way 1.9GHz PowerVM Standard

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Item #: 9117-MMC-32C-3.3GHZ-2TB-PVM-ENT -

32 Core 3.3GHz 2TB PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 9117-MMC-48/43C-3.72-926GB-ACT-PVM-ENT
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Item #: 9117-MMC-48/43C-3.72-926GB-ACT-PVM-ENT -


IBM 9117-MMD-32C/17C-3.8Ghz-768GB-ENT/AME/AMM
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Item #: 9117-MMD-32C/17C-3.8Ghz-768GB-ENT/AME/AMM -

32C/17C active 3.8Ghz 768GB active ENT/AME/AMM

IBM 9119-FHB-85C-4.0-3.072TB-PVMENT
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Item #: 9119-FHB-85C-4.0-3.072TB-PVMENT -

P795 85-Core 4.0GHz 3.072Tb PVM ENT

IBM 9119-FHB-104C-4.0-APV
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Item #: 9119-FHB-104C-4.0-APV -

P795 Server 104-Core 4.0GHz, 1536Gb RAM, APV

IBM 9119-FHB-121C-4.0-1936GB-PVM-ENT
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Item #: 9119-FHB-121C-4.0-1936GB-PVM-ENT -

P795 121-Core 4.0GHz, 1936Gb, PowerVM Enterprise

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Item #: 9119-FHB/28C-4.0GHZ-PVMENT -

P795 Server 28-Core 4.0GHz 372Gb RAM PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 9119-MHE-192-core/43-Active-4.02Ghz--24TB-active-ENT-AME
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Item #: 9119-MHE-192-core/43-Active-4.02Ghz--24TB-active-ENT-AME -

9119-MHE 192-core/43-Active 24TB active ENT AME

IBM 9119-MHE-192-Core/45-Core-Active-4.02Ghz-32TB-Act-ENT
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Item #: 9119-MHE-192-Core/45-Core-Active-4.02Ghz-32TB-Act-ENT -


IBM 9119-MME-40C-4.19Ghz-PVM-ENT-AME
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Item #: 9119-MME-40C-4.19Ghz-PVM-ENT-AME -


Additional details and links to sub-categories of IBM Servers:

IBM System X

Vibrant Technologies buys and sells new, refurbished and used IBM System x and used xSeries servers, features and peripherals. 

All hardware is quality-tested IBM original equipment and guaranteed eligible for IBM maintenance. Additional xSeries server products.

IBM Blade Servers 

IBM Blade Servers are cost-effective hot-swap solutions when combined with the high-performance modular IBM BladeCenters. Vibrant carries new and used IBM BladeCenter Hardware at 30-80% discounts on current and EOL Models, upgrades and modules. 

IBM Power Systems

Vibrant is the leading source for refurbished and Used IBM Power Systems. We specialize in IBM Original Systems and upgrades and all equipment is quality tested and guaranteed eligible for IBM Maintenance. We buy and sell new and used IBM Power Systems from OS400 to AIX Servers. 

IBM pSeries
Vibrant is the leading source for refurbished and used IBM System P, p Series and RS6000 Servers. We specialize in IBM Original Systems and upgrades and all equipment is quality tested and guaranteed eligible for IBM Maintenance. We buy and sell new and used IBM p Series Servers from current Power7 and Power6 models to legacy RS/6000 Servers.


IBM iSeries

Vibrant offers quality tested

IBM System I and used IBM iSeries

Servers. We only offer IBM Original Systems and upgrades. All systems and upgrades are fully tested and guaranteed eligible for IBM Maintenance. We not only sell IBM's i Series line but will also buy your excess servers, components and peripherals.

For immediate pricing or offers on new or used IBM Servers for sale, Request a Quote or contact us with any questions.