7 Ways to Say “Used Router”

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There are surely more than 7 ways to say “used router,” but these terms are the most frequently used (and sometimes confused).

The modifier here is “used.” Some are legit substitutes and others are poor representations or marketing puffery. Not just used for routers and switches, you will encounter these descriptors in the server and storage markets as well.

  1. Used Router (the classic)
    Cut and dry. A router was previously owned for any period of time, unpackaged and powered on. Perhaps it was used just once or maybe for years, but either way it qualifies as “used.” Marketers will sometimes pump these up as “barely,” “slightly” or “gently used.”
  2. Refurbished Router (or refurb)
    Often thrown around freely as a substitute for “used” (we’re guilty). In truth, only about 2% of the “used routers” that we ship are actually “refurbished.” The difference is that “refurbished” routers have been damaged and then fixed, while the used ones probably just tested as working and maybe needed some light dusting and cleaning.
  3. Remanufactured Router (reman)
    Offered by manufacturers such as Cisco who re-badge used equipment for resale. Also referred to as “factory refurbished.” Warranties are often refreshed, but pricing can be quite high.
  4. Remarketed Router
    This is a broader term than “used.” A remarketed router may have been used or even unused. It has been sold at least once in the past before its resale.
  5. Gray Market Router (a blatant misuse)
    A FUD term sometimes thrown around by new resellers when referring to used equipment. The gray market has to do with leaks in the global supply chain of new hardware. Used equipment has nothing to do with the gray market.
  6. Pre-Owned Router
    Marketing puffery that’s just a bit too reminiscent of used car sales for my taste.
  7. Off-Lease Router
    Leasing companies are a huge supplier to the used hardware market as they need to dispose of millions in used equipment per year. Asset Recovery companies and resellers like Vibrant purchase and remarket this hardware used. With that said, this term sometimes is thrown around as a general phrase when it doesn’t apply to the unique situation.
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