On the Move: Vibrant Builds Out 75,000 Sq Ft IT Refurbishment Center

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This January, Vibrant moved into a new, custom-built 75,000 sq ft warehouse and professional refurbishment facility near Minneapolis, MN. We've geared up for continued inventory growth in 2017 and beyond!

Drone Tour Video: Fly with us as we celebrate our new space!


- Double the tech center size and power. We can test all major models of Servers, Storage and Networking in our professional technical refurbishment center.

- Huge warehouse expansion, tripling our inventory capacity. With 24' clear height we not only have tens of thousands additional horizontal square footage, but expanded space above as well.

- Capacity for 3000 pallets and server cabinets, plus more than 500,000 SKUs!

- Modern offices and meeting rooms built out to facilitate collaboration and a fun team environment with a huge break room for staff.

- A workout facility on site with showers and changing rooms.

- A secure, monitored erasure cage for performing data erasure for clients with high level security requirements and certs.

- 8 total docks for shipping, receiving and also for docking our Vibrant owned delivery trucks.

- Custom designed shipping area, where our products are carefully prepared for shipping to safely meet the world.

With our expansion, Vibrant is looking to buy more used Servers, Networking Hardware and Data Storage Equipment than ever before. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, new or used, it's a great time to reach out to us!