Qlogic HBAs and Fiber Channel Adapter Cards. We carry the latest 10Gbps and 4Gbps fibre card models as well as discontinued 1Gbps and 2Gbps models. 

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Qlogic QLE4062C
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Dual Port iSCSI 1GB Copper PCI-E Host Bus Adapter

Qlogic Adapters Details

QLogic is a California based IT hardware company that specializes in developing network equipment, and specifically host bus adapters. QLogic network adapters are one of the most widely used adapters along with Emulex. These adapters are robust, extremely high performance and reliable for network information processing.

Types of QLogic Adapters

The following are some of the key types of QLogic Adapters.

  • Fibre Channel Adapters.
  • Intelligent Ethernet Adapters.
  • iSCSI Adapters.
  • Converged Network Adapters

1) Fibre Channel Adapters

Following are some of the latest fibre channel adapters currently available in market.

QLogic 1000 Series

QLogic 1000 series adapters are designed for large enterprise level organization. This is an 8GB adapter which contains features like intelligent caching and efficient I/O management processes. Server based connectivity is provided via PCI-e based fibre channel adapter. Other advantages of this system include, virtualized caching, and shared caching and workload distribution across the data processing unit.

QLogic 1600 Series

This is a 16GB network adapter designed to meet high performance network activities of large organization in a seamless and flexible manner. This is another adapter belonging to Fibre Channel adapter family that supports cache virtualization and distributed workload processing.

QLogic 2400 Series

This QLx246x belongs to QLogic 2400 series. This is 4GB network adapter that has been designed specifically for medium scale organization. This adapter is highly flexible. Deployment and management of this series of adapters is extremely easier and like other fibre channel network adapters, it also supports virtualized cache and distributed processing.

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2) Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

QLogic 3200 Series

There is only one intelligent Ethernet adapter that is widely used at the moment. This is a dual through put adapter supporting up to 40Gbs data transaction. This is a high performance network adapter designed particularly for virtualized network environments. The best thing about this adapter is that user can divide an Ethernet port into four virtualized ports each allowing 10Gbps bandwidth for data.

3) iSCSI Adapters

From this series of adapters we are going to mention one adapter.

QLogic 4000 Series

These adapters are considered one of the most powerful QLogic adapters currently available in the market. This adapter is equipped with all the modern hardware required to perform smooth network operations in variety of network topologies within a virtual and distributed environment. This adapter is extremely robust, secure and meets highest standards of quality as compared to contemporary adapters.

4) Converged Network Adapters

There are two adapters in this series of QLogic Adapters.

QLogic 8300 Series

This is a fourth generation adapter from converged network adapter series. This adapter like other QLogic adapter possesses all the advanced functionalities of latest adapters. This is 16GB network adapter supporting both distributed and virtualized data distribution and processing.

QLogic 8200 Series

QLogic 8200 series adapters are similar to 8300 series with only exception that these are 10GB network adapters designed for converged networks.

Overall, QLogic adapters are robust, reliable, fast and secure supporting a full range of devices for organizations big and small.


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