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AiO400t Features
Form factor:Micro tower
Processor:Dual-Core Intel® Pentium® E2160 1.8 GHz / 1 x 1MB Level 2 Cache
Memory:2GB (up to 4GB)
Storage:1.0TB: 4 x 250GB SATA (AK296A); 584GB: 4 x 146GB SAS (AK291A)
Expansion:No MSA support
Remote Mgmt.:Supports lights-out 100
Expansion slots:1 Full-height, half-length 32-bit/33MHz PCI slot; 1 Full-height, half--length PCIe x1 slot (occupied); 1 Full-height, full--length PCIe x1 slot (x8 connector); 1 Full-height, full-length PCIe x8 slot (occupied); 1 Lights-out 100c slot
AiO400r Features
Form factor:1U rackmount

Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® E5405 (2.00GHz, 80W, 1333MHz FSB); supports up to 2 processors

Memory:2GB (up to 4GB)
Storage Included:1.0TB: 4 x 250GB SATA (AK224A) 2.0TB: 4 x 500GB SATA (AK225A) 1.2TB: 4 x 300GB SAS (AK226A)
Expansion:Supports MSA50; MSA60; MSA70
Remote Mgmt.:Includes lights-out 100
Expansion Slots:Full-length, full-height PCIe x16 slot (occupied); Low-profile PCIe x4 slot (x8 connector)

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