The used Sun Blade 6048 modular system provides 48 server modules with up to 768 processing cores. It has 50 percent more compute power than its closest competitor. It's construction also saves datacenter space and reduces weight.

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Sun Blade 6048 Modular System
Specifications Description
Server Modules Up to 12 per shelf, 48 per chassis
PCIe ExpressModules Up to 24 per shelf, 96 per chassis
Chassis Monitoring Module (CMM) One per shelf, four per Sun Blade 6048 modular system: Facilitates remote connection to the service processor on each server module Consolidates cabling by providing a single management connection per shelf Helps ensure complete remote lights-out manageability of the whole chassis Provides an optional aggregate point for monitoring of chassis fans and power supplies with the CMM's own ILOM module
Power Eight per chassis (two per shelf) high-efficiency, hot-swappable, 1 + 1 redundant, load balancing

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