The Sun Netra 6000 M3 x86 (now known as the Netra Blade X3-2B) is powered by Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600-based platform which delivers the best value for supplying continuous service for extended deployments. This simple t Netra 6000 is built for 4G networks and cloud-based infrastructures in x86 environments.

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Sun Netra 6000 Features:

Processors: Two Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors
: Up to 10 Sun Netra Server Modules
PCI: Up to 20 optional Express Modules; Up to 2 optional Network Express Modules.
Fans: 2 front modules (6 total), 6 rear modules (12 total)
Manageability: 1 Chassis Monitoring Module.
Ethernet: 10 Gigabit
Rack Units: 10U
Memory: 24 DIMM slots