Vibrant buys and sells new, used and refurbished Dell PowerVault Storage hardware including Dell PowerVault disk, storage arrays, devices, drives, storage servers, enclosures, trays, parts and upgrades. Below you will find some of the most popular Dell PowerVault disk models, but we also carry dozens of others. 

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Dell 0H9NH7
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Item #: 0H9NH7 -

Dual Motor Fan Assembly for PowerVault MD30XX Series

Dell 0HRRR7
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Item #: 0HRRR7 -

Powervault 124T library Single LTO 4 SAS drive

Dell 0R945
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Item #: 0R945 -

Powervault 110T 100/200GB External LTO-1

Dell 0RU351
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Item #: 0RU351 -

AMP01-RSIM MD3000 Dual Port SAS Raid Controller

Dell 2410RL-04W-B79
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Item #: 2410RL-04W-B79 -

NMB Fan for Dell Powervault 124t

Dell 37JPX
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Item #: 37JPX -

Powervault MD3260i Raid Controller

Dell 4J5P1
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Item #: 4J5P1 -

600Gb 15K 6Gbps SAS 2.5" Hard Drive in 3.5" PowerVault Tray

Dell 529FG-PV
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Item #: 529FG-PV -

4Tb 7.2K RPM 6Gbps SAS Hard Disk Drive HDD w/ PowerVault Tray

Dell 72-A051H
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Item #: 72-A051H -

Powervault 124T Picker Assembly

Dell 770D8
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Item #: 770D8 -

PowerVault iSCSI 4-Port Controller for MD3200i

Dell 8C3CT
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Item #: 8C3CT -

Powervault 124T library Single LTO 4 SAS drive

Dell 9ZM270-150-PV
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Item #: 9ZM270-150-PV -

4Tb 7.2K RPM 6Gbps SAS Hard Disk Drive HDD w/ PowerVault Tray

Dell PowerVault Storage and Backup Description: Dell PowerVault are the storage devices and products developed by Dell in order to backup data in enterprise environments via tape or disk. Dell PowerVault storage solutions became broader after Dell acquired EqualLogic in 2008 for its iSCSI products which are now sold as Dell storage solution.

Similarly, in 2011, Dell acquired Compellent Technologies which made Dell’s backup and storage solutions more advanced and complete in scope. Vibrant offers used Dell PowerVault systems as well as Equallogic and Compellent offerings from Dell. Data storage and backup is extremely critical in any organization.

These systems aim to provide consolidated storage solution along with flexible project virtualization options. The best thing about Dell PowerVault is that deploying it is a seamless process and last but not the least, management options that come with these solutions are extremely easy to use.

Advantages of Dell PowerVault

Following are some of the advantages Dell PowerVault Systems

  • Scalability Dell PowerVault storage solutions are scalable and can grow according to the needs of your business. You can add new storage components in case you install new applications that need to store huge amounts of data storage options.
  • Support for Structured DataDell PowerVault supports storage solutions for unstructured as well as structured data which makes data organizations and structuring a seamless process.
  • Deployment and ManagementAs aforementioned, Dell PowerVault are simple to deploy and easy to manage.
  • PerformancePowerVault is one of the fastest storage and backup solution currently available in the market and data storage and excess rate is lightning fast compared to contemporary storage solutions.
  • InexpensiveDell PowerVault is the most cost effective storage solution currently available in the market.

Latest PowerVault Products 

Following are some of the latest Dell PowerVault products developed by Dell.

  • PowerVault MD Fibre Channel SAN This PowerVault edition supports server virtualization along with 8GB data throughput. One of most reliable Dell’s PowerVault products.
  • PowerVault MD Direct-Attached Storage This PowerVault Product comes with excellent attachment capabilities. These PowerVault components can be attached with a single server as well as with a cluster of servers.
  • PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance This is another excellent PowerVault storage solution that is used for storing huge amounts of data for longer periods of time.
  • PowerVault MD iSCSI SAN This MD3 series Dell PowerVault allows high density storage options with variety of deployment and advanced management capabilities.

Overall, Dell PowerVault products are among the most robust, secure, reliable and fast storage offerings currently available on the market. These Dell storage solutions are available in all shapes and sizes targeting variety of audience. 

Dell PowerVault is the first choice for small and large businesses alike. PowerVault enables virtualization projects and consolidates processing schemes creating numerous processing options for the user who can deliver a processing scheme according to its requirement. 


For more information on used Dell PowerVault Storage equipment, please contact Dell Storage sales at or call 1.888.443.8606.