Vibrant offers the full lineup of HP StorageWorks Blade Storage as well as add-ons.  Below we have a selection of popular models, but we also carry other HP blades and components not listed.

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HP offers many different kinds of Storage Blades.  Some of the most popular types of Storage Blades would be Direct Attached Storage Blades, Shared Storage Blades, NAS/SAN Gateway Storage Blades, as well as Tape Drive Storage Blades. 

HP Direct Attached Storage Blades

HP SB40c

The SB40c Storage Blade delivers direct attached storage for c-Class servers.  This blade can offer support for up to six hot plug from small form factors (SFF), SAS or SATA hard disk drives.  The SB40c features an onboard Smart Array P400 controller.  This controller contains a 256MB battery-backed cache that will give you increased performance as well as data protection.  Because the backplane of this storage blade provides a PCI Express connection adjacent to the c-Class server blade, it enables high performance storage access without the need for any additional cables.  The SB40c Storage Blade can also be used for shared storage if you use HP LeftHand P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) software.

HP Shared Storage Blades

HP AiO SB600c

The AiO (All-in-One) SB600c provides flexible expansion of storage capacity within the BladeSystem enclosure.  The SB600c is able to provide efficient shared storage capacity by combining iSCSI shared storage, NAS filing system, and integrated data protection BladeSystem c-Class servers.  This blade unifies internal shared storage options through its centralized HP AiO Storage Manager (ASM) interface.  Because it provides shared storage within the BladeSystem enclosure it eliminates the need for attaching to external storage.  The AiO (All-in-One) Storage Manager interface reduces the time and expertise require to manage rapidly growing applications.  The ASM will handle all of the underlying storage tasks as well as present network storage in application-centric terms.

HP NAS/SAN Gateway Storage Blades

HP SB460c

The HP SB460c is a ready-to-deploy NAS/SAN gateway that provides consolidated file-serving access as well as cost-saving iSCSI connectivity within the BladeSystem enclosure.  It will maximize your efficiency of your existing SAN infrastructure by extending the benefits of your shared storage to application servers.  SB460c combines file and print services in addition to iSCSI connectivity on a single NAS/SAN gateway platform, making it cost effective.

HP Tape Drive Blades

The HP StorageWorks Tape Blades provide an integrated data protection solution for BladeSystem c-Class enclosures.  This tape blade has a half-height for factor which optimizes the use of the available slots within the enclosure.  They provide complete data protection, disaster recovery and archiving solutions for HP customers.  They have a direct backup of the adjacent server blade as well as network backup capability for all the data that is in the enclosure.

HP SB920c

The HP SB920c Tape Blade is LTO-3 Ultrium tape technology and has the capacity of 800GB of data on a single cartridge.  This system also contains WORM (Write-Once, Read Many) support offering a simple and secure method for archiving records.  It has tape-based data protection solution, which can be ideal especially for customers who are not connected into a Storage Area Network (SAN).

HP SB448c

The HP SB448c StorageWorks Tape Blades is LTO-2 tape technology and has the capacity of 400GB of data on a single cartridge.  This blade can also perform up to 173Gb/hr.  It is deployed as part of a complete server, storage and data protection solution by integrating within the enclosure.  The half-height size of these blades optimize the use of all the available slots within the enclosure.

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