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HP 356373-001
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HP 361197-001
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HP A6384-67001
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HP HYPERFABRIC2 8 Port Fiber Switch Chassis

HP A6384A
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HYPERFABRIC2 8 Port Fiber Switch Chassis

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Storageworks SAN Switch 2/16N FF

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StorageWorks M5314B E.M.U. Module

SAN (storage area network) continues to be the heart and soul of the storage industry.  SAN arrays account for the majority of the money spent on external storage despite the meteoric rise in unstructured data growth and file content.  There are many options for connectivity when it comes to SAN storage.  Traditionally, Fiber Channel was the main choice, but over the years the options have expanded to 10GbE, which has made iSCSI a mainstream choice.  Another choice would be Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), but it is a relatively slow starter in the market.  Data centers used to create groups of SCSI disk arrays as DAS (direct attached storage) and each of these groups would be dedicated to an application and have a visible number of LUNs (virtual hard drives).  Essentially, a SAN consolidates such storage groups together using a high-speed network.

SAN is all about the consolidation of multiple workloads into a shared pool of capacity.  The way that capacity is used depends on the host that a given volume/LUN is presented to.  A file system or OS requirement is usually driven by a host and the disk array itself simply presents the capacity.  The disk array itself is able to provide advanced data services such as multi-site replication and sub-LUN data tiering across different physical disk types.  Managing data services separately at a host level can be less efficient.  Applying these data services all at once at the array level is much more efficient.

SANs help to increase storage capacity utilization, since multiple servers consolidate their private storage space onto the disk arrays.

HP SAN Switches HP storage switches including B-Series HP Brocade SAN Switches and C-Series HP Cisco MDS Switches.
HP Host Bus Adapters HP Branded HBAs from Qlogic and Emulex.
Storage Routers, Gateways and Multiplexes HP Storage Routers, Multiplexer and Gateway Options.

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