Vibrant carries IBM TotalStorage Disk Systems including used and refurbished arrays, drives and devices. Entry-Level, Midrange, Enterprise DS, EXP and N-Series models linked below. 

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IBM 1727-01x-6TB-2esm
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Item #: 1727-01x-6TB-2esm -

1727-HC1 EXP3000 6x1TB HDD, 2x ESM

IBM 1818-D1A-16x600
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Item #: 1818-D1A-16x600 -

1818-D1A EXP5000, 16x600gb 15K (5417)

IBM 2618-DS
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Item #: 2618-DS -


IBM 3206-2076
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Item #: 3206-2076 -

600GB 2.5" 10K SAS Hard Drive HDD for V7000 with Tray

IBM 3590-E11
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Item #: 3590-E11 -


IBM 39R6502
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Item #: 39R6502 -

DS3400 Fiber Controller

IBM 39R6513
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Item #: 39R6513 -

DS3400 Fiber Controller

IBM 39R6570
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Item #: 39R6570 -

DS3300 ISCSI Storage Controller

IBM 39R6571
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Item #: 39R6571 -

DS3400 Fiber Controller

IBM 42C2189
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Item #: 42C2189 -


IBM 42D0041
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Item #: 42D0041 -

1TB 7.2K SATA E-DDM Hard Disk Drive for DS4000 Storage

IBM Total Storage solutions are data storage solutions designed to store individual to enterprise level data. IBM Total storage solutions are considered extremely secure, reliable and efficient at the same time. IBM Total Storage products can be divided into three major categories: DS Family, EXP Family and N-Series.

1- IBM Total Storage DS Family IBM Total Storage DS Family consists of wide range of storage solutions for small to medium scale organizations. Information is critical for an organization and is often considered as its most important asset. 

In present era, the amount of information is of such enormous magnitude that it out space existing storage devices. Keeping in view, the demand for storage devices that can store huge amount of data, IBM has introduced DS Family Total storage which stores data on disk. Following are some of the DS family Total storage solutions.

  • DS300 and DS400

These are cost effective disk storage solutions designed particularly for small scale organizations.

  • DS400 Series

This storage system is designed for heterogeneous Windows and UNIX based environment. This is another low price storage solution for medium scale organizations.

  • DS600 Series

This IBM total storage solution is designed for large and enterprise scale organizations. Best thing about this system is its size which is extremely small and pricing is also quite reasonable.

  • DS800 Series

This is the latest and most advanced DS storage solution in terms of features. These systems are linearly scalable and offer great advantages for the price. These systems are also designed for large scale organizations.

2- IBM Total Storage Expendable Storage Products (EXP) IBM Total storage EXP offers, low cost, high quality and robust disk storage solutions for organization of all sizes, however, expendable storage products, as the name suggests are particularly suitable for large scale organizations running network applications that require expandable storage solution over the passage of time. Following are some of the features of this product.

  • All major types of server can store their data at a shared place.
  • One or two server can avail single or split bus configuration flexibility.
  • Data access is safeguarded through high availability.

· IBM expandable storage products are extremely scalable and can grow with the application data. · Scalability varies from 2 TB of data per tower or drawer up to 28 TB of data per rack.

IBM total Storage N Series The third category of storage solutions in IBM Total Storage solutions is N Series. N Series storages solutions are basically designed for enterprise network based environment where lots of network functions are involved. Salient features of IBM Total Storage N Series are as follows:

  • Non-Impacting Failover

IBM N-Series storage solutions are designed such that even if a network glitch occurs, that doesn’t impact the end user experience.

  • Manual Failover and giveback

In case of a failure, rather than immediately resolving the issue which can impact the flow of other information, administrator can decide when to resolve issue and system keeps working smoothly.

  • Automatic Notification based Failover

In case a minor error occurs in network, it automatically finds way to process the information and pass data to the end user and simultaneously notifies the administrator. 


For more information on used IBM TotalStorage equipment, please contact IBM Storage sales at or call 1.888.443.8606.