The IBM 7212 Storage Device Enclosure is a compact storage solution designed for space conscious environments. When cabling space and server storage bays are limited, the IBM 7212 is a terrific solution for either rack-mount or limited-space desktop applications.

The IBM System Storage 7212 connects to IBM System i and System p workstations and servers. It can be configured for one EIA unit of a standard 19-inch server rack or as a low-profile desktop solution. The 7212 offers storage device options for 4mm and ΒΌ inch (QIC) tape drive formats. 

General Features of the IBM 7212:

  • Number Storage Devices: Max 2
  • Typical Compression (tape drives): 2: 1 with tape devices
  • Color: Blk.
  • Storage Options:
  • Drive Type DAT72: Media: 4 mm tape
  • Native physical capacity: 36GB
  • Compatibility: DDS-4, DDS-3
  • Drive Type: SLR60/SLR100: Media: SLR(QIC)
  • Native physical capacity: 37.5/50GB
  • Compatibility: MLR1, MLR3, SLR5, SLR60
IBM 7212-102 The IBM 7212 Model 102 features:
  • The SLR60 Tape Drive feature is designed to provide up to 37.5 GB physical storage capacity and up to 4 MB per second transfer rate (twice that with compression).
  • SLR100 Tape Drive feature is designed to provide up to 50 GB physical storage capacity and up to 5 MB per second transfer rate (or twice that with 2:1 compression).
  • The DVD-RAM 2 drive feature is both a CD-recordable and CD-Read/Write disk device designed to provide up to 9.4 GB physical capacity (28 GB using 3:1 compression) at a maximum transfer rate of 2.77 MB per second.

IBM 7212-103 The IBM 7212 Model 103 features:

  • Rackmount Tape Enclosure
  • Two external SCSI connections
  • Two internal power connections
  • Up to two server connections
  • Contains two remote SCSI ID switches
  • Rack Space: 1U

IBM 7212-312 The IBM 7212 Model 312 features:

  • Storage and functional accessibility for up to 10 data cartridges
  • One VXA-2 packet tape drive
  • 1U-high chassis design
  • Maximum sustained physical data transfer rate of up to 12 MB/sec
  • Storage of up to 80 GB of physical data (160 GB with average compression ratio of 2:1) on a single VXA-2 80 GB data cartridge
  • Total physical capacity is 800 GB (1.6 TB with average compression ratio of 2:1)
  • Wide, Low-Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI Interface

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