The highly scalable IBM SAN256B (2027-256B) offers 16, 32 or 48 Fibre Channel (FC) ports per port switch blade and 16 to 384 ports in a single domain. The IBM SAN256B delivers high availability with built-in redundancy created to avoid single points of failure. It has been created for mid-range to enterprise-class SANs and is excellent as a core-component in a core-to-edge SAN fabric.

The IBM SAN256B chassis includes two control processor blades and space for one to eight port blades, dual power supplies and fans in a 14U rack height. The SAN256B director interoperates with other members of the IBM TotalStorage SAN b-type and m-type families.

IBM SAN256b, 2027-256B Features:
  • Base fabric director: Base chassis includes two control processor blades and slots for one to eight blades
  • Fibre Channel interfaces: E-Port, F_Port, FL-Port
  • FICON interfaces: 8 Gbps or 4 Gbps
  • IP interfaces: 1 Gigabite Ethernet (GbE)
  • Fans and power supplies: Dual power supplies and blowers with option for two additional power supplies and blowers
  • Hot-swap components: SFP and XFP optical transceivers, control processor blades, switch, routing, iSCSI and 10 Gbps blades, power supplies, blowers
  • Servers supported: IBM System z and IBM eServer zSeries servers; IBM System x™ and IBM eServer xSeries® servers; IBM Power Servers, IBM System p™ and IBM eServer pSeries® servers; IBM System i™ and IBM eServer iSeries™ servers; Other Intel® processor-based servers; Selected Sun and HP servers; IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)

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