IBM Server xSeries x445 provides more performance with more manageability. Vibrant buys and sells refurbished and used IBM xSeries 445 and IBM x445 Servers and parts at great price savings off the IBM list pricing. Request a Quote today or contact us with any questions or equipment for sale.

IBM xSeries 445 Features
Specifications Description
Processor Intel Xeon processor MP up to 2.8GHz or Intel Processor 3.0GHz
Number of Processors 2/32 or 2/4
Cache 2MB L3, 64MB Xcel4 per 4-way for Intel Xeon Processor MP, 512MB L2, 64MB Xcel4 per 2-way for Intel Xeon Processor
Memory 2GB/64GB PC2100 DDR Chipkill
Expansion Slots 6/6 64-bit Active PCI-X per chassis with optional Remote I/O
Disk Bays 2/2
Maximum Internal Storage 293.6GB Ultra320 SCSI
Network Integrated Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet
System Management Processor Remote Supervisor Adapter in dedicated slot
Power Supply 1050W 2/2 hot-swap
Hot-Swap Components Power supply, cooling fans, HDDs, PCI-X memory DIMMs
Light Path Diagnostics Yes
RAID Support Integrated RAID-1, optional RAID-5
Warranty 3-year, limited onsite

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