The IBM eServer xSeries 455 servers, powered by XA-64 Enterprise X-Architecture and 64-bit Itanium 2 processors, bring the future of 64-bit processing and production-level reliability to your datacenters. Featuring mainframe-inspired, advanced mission-critical function, these dependable 16-way SMP-capable enterprise servers help run your complex business applications around the clock.

Vibrant buys and sells refurbished and used IBM xSeries 455 and IBM x455 Servers and parts at great price savings off the IBM list pricing. Request a Quote today or contact us with any questions or equipment for sale.
IBM xSeries 455 Features
Specifications Description
Processor IntelĀ® ItaniumĀ® 2 Processor
Number of Processors Up to four processors per x455 unit
Memory Up to 56GB ChipkillT DDR SDRAM per 4-processor unit
Max Internal Storage storage 293.6GB
Warranty 3-year, limited onsite

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