IBM xSeries Servers were IBM's entry into the x86 Linux/Windows Server Market, offering Intel-based server solutions in compact form factors - tower and rackmount. Now legacy EOL systems, the following IBM xSeries and Netfinity models are still available on the open market. 

Vibrant Technologies buys and sells refurbished and used IBM xSeries servers and parts and can help you maintain legacy systems and applications for years to come. We sell IBM xSeries hardware worldwide and will also buy your excess equipment.

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IBM 42D3647
Price: $50.00
In Stock
Item #: 42D3647 -

x3650 System Board

IBM 42R5126
Price: $29.00
In Stock
Item #: 42R5126 -


IBM 43V7414
Price: $195.00
In Stock
Item #: 43V7414 -

X3350 System Board

IBM 43W4603
Price: $39.95
In Stock
Item #: 43W4603 -

CD-RW/DVD Drive For xSereis x3850 M2 Servers

IBM 43W9578
Price: $25.00
In Stock
Item #: 43W9578 -

92MM Fan For IBM X3850 M2

IBM 43X3312
Price: $25.00
In Stock
Item #: 43X3312 -

550W X3650 M4 Power Supply

IBM 44E4865
Price: $30.00
In Stock
Item #: 44E4865 -

92MM Fan for 7141

IBM 46C4855
Price: $615.00
In Stock
Item #: 46C4855 -

x346 System Board

IBM 46c8973
Price: $45.00
In Stock
Item #: 46c8973 -

Serveraid M5016 SAS/SATA Controller

IBM 46c8974
Price: $45.00
In Stock
Item #: 46c8974 -

Serveraid M5016 SAS/SATA Controller

IBM 46M0001
Price: $15.00
In Stock
Item #: 46M0001 -

Memory Expansion Card (Types 7145, 7146)

IBM 46M0003
Price: $150.00
In Stock
Item #: 46M0003 -

X3850 / X3950 X5 I/O Board 7145 for xSeries Server

An entry-level, generally affordable offering, IBM xSeries servers were first branded as Netfinity before ultimately becoming known as System x. Vibrant carries a range of legacy IBM xSeries server models, including xSeries deskside and rackmount solutions.


For more information on new and used IBM xSeries server models and used xSeries tower and rack servers, parts and equipment, please contact IBM sales at or call 888-443-8606 / 952-653-1700