Using FlexPort technology, the McData Sphereon 4500 can start at 8-ports and grow in 8-port increments to 24 ports. This allows you to make a minimal initial SAN investment by purchasing the ports you need now, and buying additional ports as your needs expand later on. McData’s SANtegrity Security Suite software delivers impressive data availability and data security.

Other standard features include HotCAT code load/activation technology and EFCM Basic software. These features, along with the performance and scalability the McData Sphereon 4500 offers, make it an excellent SAN building block for data-intensive small to mid-size enterprises.

Brocade ES-4400 Features: 


  • Port speed: 1.0625-2.125 Gb/s, full duplex
  • Aggregate throughput: 96 Gb/s
  • Latency: Less than 1 microsecond average


  • Ports per chassis: 24 GL ports
  • Media Type: Hot plug, industry standard LC small form factor (SFP)


  • Fibre Channel Protocols: FC-AL-2, FC-DA, FC-GS-4, FC-FS, FC-MI, FC-PH-3,FC-SB-2, FC-SB-3, FC-SWAPI, FC-PI, FC-SW-3
  • Classes of Service: Class 2, 3 and F

For pricing on new or used  McData Sphereon switches, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.