Vibrant buys and sells new, refurbished and used Cisco MDS 9513 Multilayer Director Class Switches, feature cards, SFPs and parts. The top tier of the Cisco MDS 9500 Family, the Cisco DS-C9513 Multilayer Director Switch raises the bar for director-class switches.

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Layering a rich set of intelligent features onto a high-performance, protocol-independent switch fabric, the Cisco MDS 9513 addresses the strict requirements of large data center storage environments: uncompromising high availability, security, scalability, ease of management, and transparent integration of new technologies for extremely malleable data center SAN solutions.

Compatible with current previous generation Cisco MDS 9000 Family switching modules, the Cisco MDS 9513 provides advanced functionality and unrivaled investment protection, allowing the use of any Cisco MDS 9000 Family switching module in this highly scalable system. Request a quote now on MDS directors or upgrades, or contact us at or 888-443-8606 with any questions and price requests.

Cisco DS-C9513 Features
Specifications Description
Ports 12 to 528 1, 2 or 4 Gbps FC ports, 4 to 44 10Gbps ports, 4 to 60 1gbps ports
Port Speed 1/2/4/ 10 Gbps
Supervisors Hot Swap Redundant Supervisor Engines
Power Supplies 6000W AC
Dimensions 24.5 x 17.37 x 28, 100lb or 210lb fully configured.

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