The Cisco MDS 9000 Caching Services Module delivers two virtualization services processing nodes per module, with a cache memory of 8 GB per module (4 GB per node). It also features two battery packs per module to maintain power during a cache dump to on-board hard disk drives in the event of a system power failure.

The MDS 9000 caching services module also boasts virtualization architecture that delivers performance benefits of lower latency, high aggregate throughput, and the capability to use lower cost disk arrays for enhanced flexibility.

Cisco MDS 9560 SMC module Features: 

Minimum Software Requirement:

    • Cisco SAN-OS Software Release 1.3(1)


    • Role-based access control using RADIUS based AAA functions
    • FC-SP for host-to-switch and switch-to-switch authentication
    • TACACS+
    • Virtual SANs (VSANs)
    • VSAN-based roles
    • Hardware-enforced zoning
    • Management Access (SSHv2; SNMPv3)

Traffic Management:

  • QoS
  • Fibre Channel Congestion Control

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