The RS6000 7025-F40, a desk side 1- or 2-way symmetric multiprocessor (SMP), is one of IBM''s most expandable PCI workgroup servers. It comes standard with a single 233 MHz PowerPC 604e. Converting from a 1-way to a 2-way system is as simple as plugging in an additional processor card.

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IBM 7025 Model F40 Features
Processor166 MHz / 233 MHz
ArchitecturePower PC 604e 1/2 Way
Memory8 Memory slots - 1.0 GB Max 16, MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB DIMMS
Internal Expansion19 Drive/ Media Bays
DASD2.2 to 81.9 GB Ultra SCSI
Expansion Bus7 PCI Slots + 2 PCI/ISA
CD ROM8x Standard

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