IBM RS6000 7026-H70 Workgroup Servers offers excellent reliability, availability, and serviceability provided by error-checking and correcting (ECC) memory and cache service processor for integrated system monitoring, hot-swappable disk drives, concurrent diagnostics, and Service Director for RS/6000.

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IBM 7026 Model H70 Features
Processor340 MHz
ArchitectureRS64 II 1/4 Way
Memory2 x 16 Memory slot Cards -8.0 GB Max 32 MB, 128, 256 MB DIMMS
Internal Expansion16 Drive/Media (2 Media Bays used by FDD & CD-ROM)
DASD4.5 to 127.4 GB Ultra SCSI
Expansion Bus8 PCI Slots (4 x 32/64Bit + 4 x 64Bit)
CD ROM32x Max

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