The IBM RS6000 Model F50 workgroup server can be used as a stand-alone, multiuser application server and has the connectivity to participate in most currently installed UNIX and PC networks. It can also be configured as a database or transaction server with your choice of SCSI-2, Ultra SCSI, or Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) RAID disk by taking advantage of the storage expansion capability of the system. 

It is designed to allow for system growth in memory, disk, media devices, and 1- to 4-way processor scalability as needs grow over time.

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IBM RS6000 7025-F50 Features
Specifications Description
Processor 166 MHz / 332 MHz
Architecture 604e/X5 Cache 1/4 Way
SPECint92 (*95)
Memory 2 x 16 Memory slot Cards -3.0 GB Max 32 MB, 128 MB DIMMS
Internal Expansion 22 Drive/ Media Bays
DASD 4.5 GB Ultra SCSI
Interfaces SCSI/SCSI-2 SCSI-2 F/W Internal & External SCSI-2 Diff External SCSI-2 Diff F/W External Serial
Expansion Bus 5 PCI Slots (3 x 32Bit + 2 x 64Bit) + 2 PCI/ISA
Integrated SCSI Dual Integrated SCSI-2 F/W
Integrated Ethernet 10base 5/T

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