The Catalyst 2950 switch is a fixed configured, stackable switch offering wire-speed Fast Ethernet and GigE connectivity.

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Cisco Catalyst 2950 Overview:

The Cisco Catalyst 2950 switches are one of the longest running and most deployed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity switches offered. This particular switch family made its mark with two distinct groups of software features and a whole host of configurations that make it ideal for any size of business from enterprise branches, to midsize and small size sectors. Plus, with the perfect combination of price to performance, it provided a network edge over competing models. Even today, after Cisco has pulled support for some of the 2950 switches and branded them as legacy devices, we still sell literal tons of them monthly and continue to provide OEM support to vast numbers of them.

What Makes the Cisco 2950 Stand Apart?

All Cisco 2950s come with a standard image software that provides basic functions such as voice, video and data services and networks that demand higher level of security. It offers additional security, high availability and an advanced quality of service (Q0S). This Enhanced Image Software helps deliver intelligent services like security filtering and rate limiting. As for industrial level networks, the Catalyst 2950 offered a new switch solution perfect for intelligent transportation systems or ITSs, industrial Ethernet deployment and transportation network solutions. In fact, the military continues to use these switches in many parts of the world where commercial switching products can't really live up to environmental conditions of the area. All Catalyst 2950 switch series rely on the Cisco Network Assistant, a free centralized management app that helps simplify the administration of Cisco routers, wireless access points and switches. This GUI interface is intuitive, ergonomically designed and easy to troubleshoot and configure. The CNA helps monitor and enable a kitchen sink of tools and features on any network.

Overall Review

Cisco Systems targets the basic entry level customers within the enterprise market with their Catalyst 2950 line. All switches are rated at an impressive 8.8 Gbps throughput and a maximum forwarding bandwidth of around 4.4 Gbps. These benchmarks alone speak volumes about the quality of the product. Considering how long the Cisco 2950 switches have managed to stay relevant and popular on the market, one can only summarize by saying that this is a line of strong performing, high quality, full featured switches at an extremely affordable and attractive price. Consider the features the 2950 line comes with. To start with a highly ergonomic administer friendly management panel. Then there is QoS add traffic management components, IGMP snooping and VLANs. Rounding all this of is the incorporation of 802.1p, 802.1q, round-robin procedures and strict priority for the QoS. CLI, Telnet or CMS (Cisco's own Cluster Management Suite) delivers flawless switch management. In particular the CMS uses Java 2 runtime and applets, with the greatest benefit being the ability to actually manage a large cluster of Cisco devices in a single interface. However, the interface itself might need a bit of polishing. Let's now review some common Cisco 2950 switches.

Used Cisco Catalyst 2950 24 Port Switches

This member from the 2950 family is actually a fixed configuration standalone device that helps manage 10/100 switches offering connectivity for medium sized and small sized enterprises. Standard Image or SI software helps offer wire-speed desktop switch with Cisco IOS for full voice, video and basic data functionality.


  • 24 x 10/100 Ports.
  • 1 X RU (Rack Unit) standalone switch.
  • Cisco IOS and wire-speed desktop.
  • SI software inclusive.
  • Excellent desktop connectivity.

Used Cisco 2950 12 Port Switches

Second in line, the 12 switch member of the Catalyst 2950 family is exactly similar to its big brother, the 24 switch model offering the ability to manage 12 10/100 switch with user connectivity for medium to small sized businesses. It comes with the same SI software features and IOS connectivity along with Cisco Network Assistant.


  • 12 x 10/100 Ports
  • Single Rack Unit Standalone design.
  • SI and IOS functionality included.
  • Great for Desktop Connectivity.

Used Cisco 2950 Switches - X Series Switches 24 Ports

Endowed with two fixed 1000BASE-X uplinks, this otherwise similar 2950 upgrade is a fixed configuration standalone device managing 24 10/100 switch. Delivering gigabit speeds over fiber optics using these integrated ports is a breeze and an cost effective method and because of its dual port method, it helps improve availability and offers redundancy. Moreover, cascading switches or managing them as clusters is cost effective. Naturally, being part of the Catalyst 2950 family, it does come with the basic SI and IOS functionality with Cisco Network Assistant.


  • 24 x 10/100 ports along with 2 x 1000BASE-SX fixed uplinks.
  • Single rack design standalone switch.
  • Cisco IOS, SI software installed.
  • Great for layer 2 functionality such as in Government or Educational segments that make SX uplinks mandatory. ...

Cisco 2950 Switch Prices:

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Cisco 2950 GUI /Web interface: (Cisco Network Assistant Quick Tips; images included) Cisco's Network Assistant software allows users to configure and manage a variety of switch functions and start the device manager of Cisco routers and Cisco wireless access points. This application is available for OS X and Windows, optimized for wired and wireless LANs for expanding businesses that have 40 or fewer switches and routers. See for more information.

Cisco 2950 Manuals and User Guides: 1. Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch Getting Started Guide: 2. Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switch Software Configuration Guide (PDF format): 3. Cisco Catalyst 2950 Hardware Installation Guide (PDF format):

Cisco 2950 Emulators: 1. TechRepublic post on free emulator; also explains difference between stimulators and emulators: 2. Dynamips (software that emulates Cisco IOS on a traditional PC): 3. GNS3 (open source software that simulate complex networks): 4. Cisco Learning Lab for SWITCH; note fees are involved: 6. WebNMS Simulation for Cisco IOS:

Cisco 2950 vs Juniper EX2200:Comparable to the Cisco 2960G, the Juniper EX2200 is available with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and features L3 RIP and Static routing. The Juniper EX2200 is available in 24 and 48-port configurations with a bandwidth of 56 Gbps for 24-port models and 104 Gbps for 48-port models, compared to the 32 Gbps bandwidth of Cisco's 2960G.

Can you help with the following defaults for a 2950? *Default username *Default password *Default IP Address For default username/password, a member on the Cisco Support Community reports: This is no default username/password included in a switch. You will need to enter the following command. username password Obviously remove the <> in username and password. If you don't set this, the only other way you can connect is via telnet, console, and or ssh. Under line vty you need to enter 'login' and then 'password ' with the specific password. The following table details default switch information for the Cisco Catalyst 2950:

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