Cisco offers a wide array of Nexus Series Switches designed to meet the needs of modern data centers. Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches currently offer the largest switching capacity at up to 1.3 TB per slot and 83+ TB per chassis. The 7000 Series is an excellent choice for data center access, aggregation, and core deployments. Cisco Nexus 1000V switches integrate directly with server hypervisors, lowering TCO and providing consistency and network visibility.

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Vibrant’s Cisco Nexus Overview:

Cisco has been the go-to brand for network switching in all of recent network hardware history. Having spent years designing new equipment, improving on old ideas and ensuring that every user has the best equipment out there on the market, Cisco hardware has forged a reputation which is going to take something massive to overhaul.Vibrant carries the complete line of Cisco switches including the latest Cisco Nexus product line.

Looking back, all of the different Cisco switching products were designed with the ideal of providing different styles of business and property with the best switches they possibly can to ensure network uptime is at its peak and service quality is maximised. The Cisco Nexus brand line is built with a focus on the needs of a data center environment. Designed to have compatibility for 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections, there really is something about the Cisco Nexus line that makes it one of their most powerful switch families.

The Nexus line was officially launched in 2008, and started with the Nexus 1000v. The current list of top Nexus products are as such:

  • Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch
  • Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender
  • Nexus 3000 Series
  • Nexus 4001 IBM Blade Center Switch
  • Nexus 5000 Series
  • Nexus 6000 Series
  • Nexus 7000 Series modular Data Center switches

Nexus 1000v

All of the switches in this series have a variety of different uses. For example, the 1000v was a virtual switch – it was not a piece of hardware, but a downloadable software that interacted with your network so you could virtualise your current environment. The 1000v line gave a wide variety of different features that were not yet seen in a switch series.

The 1000v offered many benefits to the users, from multiple VLANS, layer-3 options and a wide variety of security options to give everyone the most up to day protection.

Nexus 2000

The Nexus 2000 series were fabric extenders, which are a system which is used in conjunction with the higher-end Nexus systems like 5000 or 700 series. This series does not work on its own – it has to be connected to a newer series, known as the parent, and is used a support base for these other modules.

Referred to in some circles as a ‘remote line card’ it was made up of four different models – with three of the models offering a 24 or 48 gigabit interface, and up to a 10 gigabit uplink interface when using copper or fibre. However, the last model, the 2232PP offered thirty two 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet, as well as ‘Fibre Channel over Ethernet’ services.

It could carry this FCOE traffic for 300 metres, or use a mother-switch and travel over 3km if carried by TCP/IP.

Nexus 3000

The only available switch in the 3000 series is the 3064. It is a 1U rack switch with 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet interfaced, and is designed to be used in a colo center. It offers both Layer2 and Layer3 capabilities, with all sixty four available interfaces running at 10 Gigabits/second. It can forward an incredible 950 million packets per second, and it can build up a route table with:

  • 16,000 pre-fixes
  • 8,000 host entries
  • 4,000 multi-cast routes
  • 4,096 vLANS

This makes the 3000 not only an extremely versatile piece of hardware but a very important piece too. It is connected to other systems using an EtherChannel or LACP/IEEE 802.3ad as long as they meet industry standards.

Nexus 4000

The singular model 4001 was created for the IBM BladeCenter which had a 10 Gigabit FCOE interface. Running fourteen separate downlinks on 1-10 Gigabit/second connections. Although useful when created it has since been replaced by the Dell M1000e.

Nexus 5000

The Cisco Nexus 5000 line is one of the first with a genuine series of models in it. With five different models offering a variety of different capabilities, depending on the one used it can provide you with anything from 20 to 96 interfaces, and using 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet/FCoE interfaces. Used in conjunction with the Nexus 2000 series, it offers Layer2 and Layer 3 switching.

The Nexus 5010 is a rack-unit switch with 20 fixed 10 Gigabit/second Ethernet supports, FCoE and DCB interfaces, as well as an expansion slot.

The Nexus 5020 is a rack-unit switch with 40 fixed 10 Gigabit/second Ethernet supports, FCoE and DCB interfaces, as well as two expansion slots.

The Nexus 5548P is a 1U Chassis with 32 fixed ports, with 16 more available as an expansion. It can be the main resource point for the Nexus 2000 fabric extender. The 5548 UP by extension has 32 fixed unified ports, with 16 available as an expansion. The main difference is that the SFP+ are unified on the UP equivalent.

Nexus 6000

Containing both the 6001 and 6004 model, it combined layer2 and layer3 switches, and helps aggregate traffic from the 2000 Fabric Extender for each Bladeserver system. They support both front to back, or back to front airflow as well as FCoE connections.

Nexus 7000

The Nexus 7000 series, the most recent, this is arguably the most popular of the entire series, mainly because it has six different versions. A 4 slot, a 9 slot, two 10 slot and two 18 slot edition switches, meaning the 7000 series offers the most versatility.

It makes up the majority of modular switches for campus cores and data centre access points. Bear in mind again, that the 2000 series can also be used as a fabric extender to improve performance.

The Nexus line of switches has become a core tool in the network admin’s arsenal, providing efficiency and a wide array of features and capabilities.

Cisco Corporate Background:

With over 60,000 staff and a huge network of affiliate companies, Cisco has been a key player in the internet and networking game since the early 80s, when they first began. Cisco produces a wide variety of different products and ranges, all built around establishing more stable communications. Cisco has long been an award-winning company, and have truly dominated the market as being the one stop place for any networking needs for businesses.This is why Vibrant has chosen their hardware to trade in on the secondary network equipment market.

Producing a wide array of switches, which comes in the Cisco x000 Series, routers, security appliances, and wireless LAN products to provide everybody with the most functionality possible. Cisco was able to get in first on opportunities, ahead of everyone else, and today Cisco stands as one of the elite qualifications you can have if you are going to work in the networking environment.


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