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The Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch is a the flagship of Cisco's enterprise modular switching solutions. Built on a foundation of a chassis with supervisor engines and power supplies, the 6500 can be configured to meet any switching challenge with the addition of various line cards and boards.

Vibrant's Cisco Catalyst 6500 Overview:

The Catalyst 6500 is the latest from Cisco that delivers a comprehensive 1/10/40G Backbone network service and performance with ultimate in scalability and optimization for distribution and campus core networks. It is in fact, the leading choice for 45,000 customers worldwide in deploying their strategic platforms.

What Made The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Famous

The New Supervisor Engine 2T for the Catalyst 6500 series provides power and scalability to the series of switches with simplified management, greater security and helps address interactive collaboration attempts, BYOD workplaces and more. The Supervisor Engine 2T has been called the most ambitious feature yet and it includes 180 Gbps per slot capacity with 80 Gbps assured capacity, 100 GE ready, 1, 10 and 40 GE modules, network analysis, security and wireless service integrated modules with virtual switching system for next gen resiliency. Coming to the Software front, the latest release titled 15.1(1)SY1 provides cutting edge technology support that offers virtualization and network resiliency. Get 99 percent uptime assurance with VSS Quad Sup SSO for enterprise networks and single resilient control plane for multi-level failover protection. The LISP or Locator/ID Separation protocol simplifies IPv6 transition and network virtualization on campus for scalable routing architectures.

Overall Review

The new Catalyst 6500 series delivers an impressive 80 Gbps per slot bandwidth with the capacity to deliver at most 2 terabits per second. Made and designed for VSS, it can actually help power systems having the capacity of 4Tbps. Moreover, this series boasts of the largest range of interface modules coming with advanced features and industry leading performance. High port density and the ability to get 3, 4, 6, 9 and 9 vertical slot versions plus the oversized 13 slot version make it an excellent choice for various deployment scenarios. The 6500 series is an excellent investment protection policy as it does provide support for many generations of switches using the same chassis thus helping reduce cost of ownership.

Available Cisco 6500 Switch Models

There are plenty of models under this series but the most prominent are reviewed below. You can find slight alterations in advanced classifications for all models detailed below.

Cisco 6513 Switch The 6513 Catalyst switch from Cisco is excellent for high port density Gigabit and Fast Ethernet aggregation for all networks including backbone layers, access, distribution and server farms or data center setups. It is a 13 slot chassis with space for 12 payload slots, 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and leading 10/100/1000 GE. It boasts of Supervisor engines, PoE Fast Ethernet modules, 10 GE modules, Shared Port Adaptors, Flex WAN modules, IP Security, VPN, SSL acceleration, network analysis, intrusion detection and more.

Cisco 6509-E Switch The Cisco Catalyst 6509-E is a 9 slot chassis excellent for wiring cabinets, core networks, distribution and data center deployments with support for all 6500 series end-to-end operational benefits. The important features of this series includes Fast Ethernet modules with PoE using IEEE 802.3af, Gigabit Ethernet modules, Supervisor engines, Flex WAN modules, SPA interface Processors, Shared Port Adaptors, 10 GE modules, IP Security, network analysis, VPN, SSL acceleration, intrusion detection, firewall and more. It supports IOS Cisco software as well as the Catalyst OS with 6000W power supply and large number of PoE IEEE 802.3af devices add-on.

Cisco 6506-E Catalyst Switch This is the 6 slot variant with intermediate port densities great for core network deployments and wiring closets with support for other 6500 Catalyst series switches. It features all abilities of the 6500 series such as PoE Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet modules, Supervisor engine, Flex WAN modules, 10 GE modules, SSL acceleration, network analysis, IP security, firewall, intrusion detection, content services all part of Multi-Gigabit services with SPA interface processors. 

Cisco 6504-E Switch The 4 slot Catalyst Cisco 6504-E switch is a 5 rack unit compact outfit that is great for e-commerce, converged networks, remote access and data center solutions. As usual it boasts of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit PoE modules, Supervisor engines, Flex WAN modules and 10 GE modules with Multi-Gigabit service modules.

Cisco Catalyst 6503-E Switch The Cisco Catalyst 6503-E switch chassis is the latest addition to the 6500 switch series featuring a 3 slot design with 4 rack unit height great for converged networks, remote access, data centers and e-commerce outfits with necessity to support other 6500 series routers. Like before, it provides all features of the 6500 series such as Flex WAN module, 10 GE modules, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet modules, supervisor engines and more. It also provides dual support for Cisco IOS and Cisco Catalyst OS and support for much more.

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Cisco 6500 GUI and/or Web interface: Cisco 6500 series switches feature CiscoView Device Manager, a task-based tool that simplifies initial setup and deployment of end-to-end services across modules by offering configuration templates based on recommended practices. CiscoView Device Manager can be downloaded at no cost and installed on the supervisor engine Flash memory. See CiscoView Device Manager for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch at

Cisco 6500 Manuals and User Guides: 1. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Installation Guide, Troubleshooting: 2. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch Software Configuration Guide (PDF format): 3. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Installation Guide (PDF format): 4. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches Configuration Guides:

Cisco 6500 Emulators: 1. TechRepublic post on free emulator; also explains difference between stimulators and emulators: 2. Dynamips (software that emulates Cisco IOS on a traditional PC): 3. Dynagen (a front-end for use with the Dynamips Cisco router emulator): 4. GNS3 (open source software that simulate complex networks): 5. Cisco Learning Lab for SWITCH; note fees are involved: 6. WebNMS Simulation for Cisco IOS:

Cisco 6500 vs Juniper EX8200 Switches: How it compares: The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch can be compared to the Juniper EX8200 series, which is available with or without redundant engines. Cicso's 6500 series supports most existing routing and switching protocols, and Juniper supports all standard Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols. The Juniper EX8200 platform supports 640 10 GbE ports at 5:1 oversubscription and 128 10 GbE line rate, while the Catalyst 6513-E can support 18010 GbE ports and 44 40 GbE ports. 

Can you help with the following defaults for a 6500? * Default username: * Default password: * Default IP Address: By default, the login password is "cisco" for Catalyst 6500 series switches. For additional information on Catalyst 6500 series basic settings, see Configuring Basic Settings at By default, IP address, subnet mask and broadcast address are set to   

Password Recovery Instructions: Password recovery procedures differ for each of the following scenarios: Password Recovery Procedure for Catalyst 6500/6000 Series Switches Running Cisco IOS System Software 24/Apr/2009 Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst 6500 with Supervisor 720 Running Cisco IOS Software Prior to 12.2(17)SX 10/Apr/2006 Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst 6500/6000 LANE Module 16/Nov/2007 Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst 1200, 1400, 2901, 2902, 2926T/F, 2926GS/L, 2948G, 2980G, 4000, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500 Running CatOS 10/Apr/2006  

How to do a factory reset of a Cisco 6500: To reset the Cisco Catalyst 6500 to factory defaults, see the Cisco document entitled Resetting Catalyst Switches to Factory Defaults at

How would you do a Break Sequence for a Cisco 6500? For the Catalyst 6500 with Supervisor 720 running Cisco IOS software prior to 12.2(17)SX, press Ctrl-break. For more information, see Cisco's page on password recovery procedures:  

How to erase a config on a Cisco 6500? See the Cisco page called Resetting Catalyst Switches to Factory Defaults at Cisco notes that you will need access to the switch console through either a physical console or a Telnet connection and will also need the console/enable passwords. If you have forgotten the console and enable password of the switch, you cannot reset the configuration to factory default to reset the password. In this situation, follow password recovery procedures for your switch.

What are some other common commands for a Cisco 6500? Common Commands for the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switches: show version : Display the Cisco 6500 Hardware and Software status: show flash : Displays all the files and directories contained within the flash of your 6500 show-mac-address-table : To get the MAC address of external hardware connected to one of the ports on your 6500 switch show interfaces : Provide all relevant information related to your 6500 interfaces ip address : configure the IP address of specific interfaces show running-config : Brings up the status of the RAM show startup config : Displays status of the NVRAM show history : View the last 10 commands performed on your 375 Additional commands for the Cisco 6500:

Cisco 6500 Visio Stencil: See the Cisco Visio Stencils page at You will need Microsoft Vision Standard or Professional in order to view and use these stencils correctly. 


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