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Vibrant's Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Overview:

The Cisco 2960 switches are all fixed configuration Fast Ethernet access switches that are easy to use and simple to upgrade. These switches offer an advanced level of Layer 2 threat defense abilities and a pretty decent Layer 3 static routing using 16 routes. Furthermore, they come in configurations of 8, 24 or 48 Ethernet ports with 2 x 1 GE uplink that are all controlled using Advanced QoS, Access Control Lists, multicast services, rate-limiting and IPv6 management.

Why Cisco 2960 Switches are commonly deployed:

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 range is easy to operate, configure and manage with a plethora of software features designed to provide higher security, sustainability and deliver a seamless networking experience. Using Cisco Smart Install, it is simple to deploy and with the Cisco Auto Smartports, configuring the devices is rather automatic. Basically, these switches translate to lower cost of ownership for branch office networks, enterprises and midmarket companies. Moreover, the ability to control every network component with the Cisco Network Assistant 5.6 including these Catalyst 2560 switches helps bring together a large network into a small compact user-friendly interface.

The Overall Review

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches are standalone fixed configuration Fast Ethernet switches with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for branch office and midmarket network LAN services. This means that these switches are geared towards large offices that need tremendous data flow and higher level of security. For this reason, the series is available in two separate categories namely, the 2960 Series with LAN Base software and the 2960 Series with LAN Lite software. The former offers intelligent services for mid-sized and commercial enterprises while the later is great for Network Admission Control, Advanced QoS, good availability and to have the ability to scale up.

The Pros Of Cisco 2960 Series Both LAN Base and LAN Lite Models
  • Comes in 8 to 48 port configurations with Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connectivity.
  • Configuration is user friendly with options to have 48 PoE ports, 24 full PoE ports or a 24 Port configuration with 8 PoE support.
  • Offers Layer 2 switching for video, voice and wireless LAN.
  • Security management using SSL, SSH, Network Admission Control, SNMPv3 using 802.1x, Port Security and MAC-Auth Bypass.
  • 802.1S/W offers load balancing, standard based fault tolerance, rapid recovery.
  • Traffic through redundant links with PVST+ helps increase the available bandwidth.
  • Cisco based iOS software to manage switches and QoS prioritization for various apps.
  • Express setup using web page interface for all network configurations makes it easy to quickly setup the switches.
  • Easier to troubleshoot for link connectivity errors and manage cable diagnostics.
  • SNMP management, SYSLOG and single IP address for stacks of 16 switches.
  • Comes with limited time hardware warranty.
  • All software updates for its entire life free of cost.
The Cisco 2960 LAN Lite Software Series

Those who want entry level availability and QoS security, wish to upgrade from hubs and other unmanaged switches for superior performance with greater reliability, need support for newer apps and real-time access to info without increasing the existing IT staff strength will find the Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite series to be affordable and extremely useful. It offers a simple network management platform that makes managing networks simple, which also meets new data security regulations. In short, it is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. Under this classification there are five models available namely the WS- C2960-(8TC-S/24-S/24TC-S/ 48TT-S/48TC-S). The S in the suffix denotes the presence of 2 x dual-purpose uplinks.

The Cisco 2960 LAN Based Software Series

For users who are looking to use Cisco IP phones, IP video cameras, wireless access points, PoE devices and want intelligent services for wiring closets and small branch offices will find the Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Base Software series ideal. It offers enhanced security, greater availability and quick deployment with simpler management of networks as opposed to the Lite series. The following switches are classified under the Cisco 2960 LAN Base series: WS-C2960-

  • 8TT-L - 8 10/100 with 1 10/100/1000 PoE input port
  • 8TC-L - 8 10/100 and 1 dual-purpose uplink (10/100/1000BASE-T or SFP port) compact form factor
  • 24TT-L - 24 10/100 and 2 10/100/1000
  • 24TC-L - 24 10/100 and 2 dual-purpose uplinks
  • 24PC-L - 24 10/100 PoE and 2 dual-purpose uplinks
  • 24LT-L - 24 10/100 (PoE supported on 8 ports) and 2 10/100/1000
  • 48TT-L - 48 10/100 and 2 10/100/100
  • 48TC-L - 48 10/100 and 2 dual-purpose uplinks
  • G-8TC-L - 7 10/100/1000 and 1 dual-purpose uplink; compact form factor
  • G-24TC-L - 20 10/100/1000 and 4 dual-purpose uplinks
  • G-48TC-L - 44 10/100/1000 and 4 dual-purpose uplinks

Cisco 2960 Switch Prices:

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Cisco 2960 GUI/Web interface: Note: Cisco Network Assistant may not be supported on all 2960 models. Cisco Network Assistant Quick Tips; images included: Image link from Cisco: Cisco's Network Assistant software allows users to configure and manage a variety of switch functions and start the device manager of Cisco routers and Cisco wireless access points. This application is available for OS X and Windows, optimized for wired and wireless LANs for expanding businesses that have 40 or fewer switches and routers. See for more information. You can also use Device Manager to manage the switch. Access Device manager anywhere in your network through a web browser to perform basic switch configuration and monitoring. Follow these steps: 1. Launch a web browser on your PC or workstation. 2. Enter the switch IP address and press Enter. The Device Manager page appears. 3. You can now perform basic switch configuration and monitoring. 4. For more advanced configuration, download and run Cisco Network Assistant. 

Cisco 2960 Manuals and User Guides: 1. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch Getting Started Guide (PDF format): 2. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch Software Configuration Guide (PDF format): 3. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Hardware Installation Guide: 4. Cisco Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S Switch Software Configuration Guide:

Cisco 2960 Emulators: 1. TechRepublic post on free emulator; also explains difference between stimulators and emulators: 2. Dynamips (software that emulates Cisco IOS on a traditional PC): 3. GNS3 (open source software that simulate complex networks): 4. Cisco Learning Lab for SWITCH; note fees are involved: 5. WebNMS Simulation for Cisco IOS:

Cisco 2960 vs Juniper EX2200: How it compares: Comparable to the Cisco 2960G, the Juniper EX2200 is available with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and features L3 RIP and Static routing. The Juniper EX2200 is available in 24 and 48-port configurations with a bandwidth of 56 Gbps for 24-port models and 104 Gbps for 48-port models, compared to the 32 Gbps bandwidth of Cisco's 2960G.

Can you help with the following defaults for a 2960? * Default username: * Default password: * Default IP Address: For Cisco 2960 switches, the default username is not defined and the default password is "cisco". Other default switch information, including IP address and subnet mask default settings, are shown in the table below:

Default Switch Information
Feature Default Setting
IP address and subnet mask No IP address or subnet mask are defined.
Default gateway No default gateway is defined.
Enable secret password No password is defined.
Hostname The factory-assigned default hostname isSwitch.
Telnet password No password is defined.
Cluster command switch functionality Disabled.
Cluster name No cluster name is defined.

Password Recovery Instructions: (Password Recovery, Cisco Catalyst Fixed Configuration Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches):

Also see the Cisco page entitled Password Recovery Procedures, which Cisco explains is an index of password recovery procedures for Cisco products including various switch models. When following any password recovery procedure, Cisco notes that physical access to the equipment is required for security purposes.

How to do a factory reset of a Cisco 2960: Resetting the Switch This section describes how to reset the switch by rerunning Express Setup. These are reasons why you might want to reset the switch:

 -You installed the switch in your network and cannot connect to it because you assigned the incorrect IP address. 

-You want to clear all configuration from the switch and assign a new IP address. 

-You are trying to enter Express Setup mode, and the switch LEDs start blinking when you press the Mode button (which means that the switch is already configured with IP information).

***Resetting the switch deletes the configuration and reboots the switch. To reset the switch: Press and hold the Mode button. The switch LEDs begin blinking after about 3 seconds. Continue holding down the Mode button. The LEDs stop blinking after 7 more seconds, and then the switch reboots. The switch now behaves like an unconfigured switch.

What is the Boot System Command for a Cisco 2960? Use the boot system global configuration command to specify the Cisco IOS image to load during the next boot cycle. Use the no form of this command to return to the default setting. boot system {filesystem:/file-url ...| switch {number|all}} no boot system no boot system switch {number | all} How would you do a Break Sequence for a Cisco 2960? What break sequence to use depends upon the terminal application and operating system you are using. HyperTerminal that runs on Windows 2000 uses Ctrl-Break. See Cisco's page on Recovering Catalyst Fixed Configuration Switches from a Corrupted or Missing Image at for more information.

How to erase a config on a Cisco 2960? See the Cisco page called Resetting Catalyst Switches to Factory Defaults at

Cisco notes that you will need access to the switch console through either a physical console or a Telnet connection and will also need the console/enable passwords. If you have forgotten the console and enable password of the switch, you cannot reset the configuration to factory default to reset the password. In this situation, follow password recovery procedures for your switch.

How to set the time zone on a Cisco 2960? Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to manually configure the time zone:

Command Purpose
Step 1 configure terminal Enter global configuration mode.
Step 2 clock timezone zone hours-offset [minutes-offset] Set the time zone.The switch keeps internal time in universal time coordinated (UTC), so this command is used only for display purposes and when the time is manually set.For zone, enter the name of the time zone to be displayed when standard time is in effect. The default is UTC.For hours-offset, enter the hours offset from UTC.(Optional) For minutes-offset, enter the minutes offset from UTC.
Step 3 end Return to privileged EXEC mode.
Step 4 show running-config Verify your entries.
Step 5 copy running-config startup-config (Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file.

The minutes-offset variable in the clock timezone global configuration command is available for those cases where a local time zone is a percentage of an hour different from UTC To set the time to UTC, use the no clock timezone global configuration command.

How do you execute boot system commands on a 2960? Use the boot system global configuration command to specify the Cisco IOS image to load during the next boot cycle. Use the no form of this command to return to the default setting. boot system {filesystem:/file-url ...| switch {number|all}} no boot system no boot system switch {number | all} See Cisco's page entitled Catalyst 2960 Switch Bootloader Commands at

What are some other common commands for a Cisco 2960? Common Commands for the Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches: show version : Display the Cisco 2960 Hardware and Software status: show flash : Displays all the files and directories contained within the flash of your 2960 show-mac-address-table : To get the MAC address of external hardware connected to one of the ports on your 2960 switch show interfaces : Provide all relevant information related to your 2960 interfaces ip address : configure the IP address of specific interfaces show running-config : Brings up the status of the RAM show startup config : Displays status of the NVRAM show history : View the last 10 commands performed on your 375 Additional commands for the Cisco 2960:

Cisco 2960 Visio Stencil: See the Cisco Visio Stencils page: You will need Microsoft Vision Standard or Professional in order to view and use these stencils correctly.


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