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IBM 46x2682
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IBM 46X2685
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LTO5/HH/SAS Tape Drive

IBM 46X6912
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IBM 49G8307
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IBM 49Y1856
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300GB 15,000 Rpm 6GB SAS 3.5" HDD

IBM 52P8638
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36GB/72GB DDS/5 4mm DAT 72 Tape Drive

IBM 5661
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DAT T320 160/320GB tape drive

IBM 5781-3590
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IBM 59H4392
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3995 5.2GB SCSI Optical Tape Drive

IBM 59H4393
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3995 5.2GB SCSI Optical Tape Drive

IBM 6279-19XX
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VXA 3 Tape

IBM 7205-440
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Vibrant buys and sells used IBM System Storage Tape Systems including current and discontinued IBM TotalStorage tape drives, autoloaders and library models. Please contact us with any questions or Request a Quote. [three_fourth]
Used IBM Tape Drives:
Model Description RFQ
IBM 3570 Magstar Tape Quote Button
IBM 3580 Tape Drives Quote Button
IBM 3590 TotalStorage Tape Quote Button
IBM 3590e  . TotalStorage Tape Quote Button
IBM 3592 Tape Models Quote Button
IBM 7205 External Tape Quote Button
IBM 7206 External 4MM Quote Button
IBM 7207 External 1/4" Quote Button
IBM 7208 External 8MM Tape   . Quote Button
IBM 7212 Storage Enclosure Quote Button
Used IBM Tape Libraries:
Model Description RFQ
IBM 3494   . 3494 Tape Systems   . Quote Button
IBM 3582 3582 Tape Library Quote Button
IBM 3583 3583 Tape Libraries Quote Button
IBM 3584 3584 Tape Systems Quote Button
IBM 3590 3590 Tape System Quote Button
Used IBM TotalStorage Tape Autoloaders:
Model Description RFQ
IBM 3575  . Tape Autoloader         . Quote Button
IBM 3581 Autoloader Models Quote Button
IBM 7332 4MM autoloader Quote Button
IBM 7334 Standalone Library Quote Button
IBM 7337 DLT Tape Autloader Quote Button
  IBM Tape Systems Overview: IBM Tape systems are storage solution provided by International Business Machinery (IBM). Like other storage solutions, IBM Tape Storage systems are used for storing data, creating backup of data and data retention purposes. History In the year 1952, IBM for the first time coined the concept of magnetic tape storage solutions where magnetic cartridges were used to store and retrieve data. Since then IBM is consistently improving its tape storage systems and at the moment IBM’s tape storage systems are considered best in the market and are considered more robust than its contemporary tape solution devices. In fact, most of the tape systems being manufactured today are following IBM’s tape storage algorithms. Advantages of IBM Tape Systems: Following are some of the advantages of IBM tape hardware.
  • IBM Tape storage systems are extremely fast and data storage and retrieval can be achieved at an exceptionally good rate with these tape storage devices.
  • IBM Tape system supports all the latest computing technologies include cloud computing architecture and distributed data storage and retrieval.
  • IBM tape storage devices are extremely secure and robust. Secure encryption mechanism makes it almost impossible for unauthorized persons to break-in and retrieve the data contents.
  • Tape storage devices are different from disc storage devices in a way that these devices are used for storing large backup data while disc storage are mainly used for run time data storage.
IBM Tape devices are manufactured to cater the storage and back up needs of medium to large scale organizations. These tape systems are capable of storing virtually any type of data ranging from video files, audio files, high definition images, text files and similar high profile and sensitive data. Common IBM Tape Drive Types Currently, there are four types of IBM Tape storage available in the market. These tape systems are categorized on the basis of community that they serve. 1-     Enterprise Level Following are some of the enterprise level tape systems currently available in the market.
  • TS1140 Drive
  • Linear Tape File System (LTFS)
  • TS1130 Drive
  • Crossroad ReadVerify Appliance (RVA)
  • TS3500 Library
  • TS1120 Drive
2-     Midrange These are some of the Midrange tape storage devices designed for medium Scale organizations.
  • TS3500 Library
  • TS3200 Library
  • TS3310 Library
  • Linear Tape File System (LTFS)
  • TS3100 Library
  • 7226 enclosure
  • Crossroad ReadVerify Appliance (RVA)
3-     Entry Drives Following are some of the Entry Tape Drives by IBM, currently available in the market.
  • TS2260 Express
  • TS2250 Express
  • TS2360 Express
  • TS2240 Express
  • TS2350 Express
  • TS2230 Express
  • TS2340 Express
4-     Entry Libraries These are some of the entry libraries IBM Tape storage devices.
  • TS3200 Express
  • Linear Tape File System (LTFS)
  • TS2900
  • TS3100 Express
Data storage and backup is a challenging task and organizations face extreme difficulties in finding suitable data storage and recovery solutions. Data is the most important thing for any organization. Keeping in view this problem, IBM is providing robust, flexible, secure and extremely fast data storage solutions in the form of IBM Tape storage. From individuals to medium scale organizations and large enterprises, these tape storage devices are available in variety of sizes and qualities   For more information on used IBM Tape equipment, please contact IBM System Storage sales at storage@vibrant.com or call 1.888.443.8606. [/three_fourth]